How long does the pain last from opiate withdrawal?

by John
(Madrid, New York)

I'm 43 year old father of three. I started abusing oxy, perks and heroin, well just about anything for awhile. I have been doing it daily for three years but have had alcohol and drug problems my whole life.

I have spent every penny I have on drugs and I'm hating it because I'm hurting my children because I can't function unless I'm high.

I recently quit and did Suboxone for two weeks doing 8 mg strips at a time. I buy everything black market so I can do as much as I need. I stopped the Suboxone and back comes the leg pains,diarrhea,insomnia,and right now bad depression.

How long before I'm back to normal? I can't take the sickness and all I can think of is doing a pill or pack of heroin. I'm laid off right now and want to be clean before I go back to work because it almost cost me my job.

I've never had problems dropping what ever drug of choice I was doing at the time so I didn't take this serious when I heard how bad oxy and heroin was. I've alienated myself away from everyone and want this to be done.

How long am I going to suffer? I just ordered withdrawal ease I hope that helps.

Thanks for reading this.

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Withdrawal from Suboxone often much more difficult.
by: Debbie Wicker

Withdrawal for each of us is different and withdrawal from each drug is also different as well. Suboxone is known to have a MUCH more difficult and longer withdrawal process then other opiates.

Suboxone was never intended to be abused and so for those who abuse it withdrawal can take multiple months of sleeping disruption, pain and flu like symptoms.

Is there any possibility that you could go to a local ER for support? Under a doctors supervision, they can give you medications to help you suffer less during your withdrawal and increase the likelyhood of staying sober.

It sounds like you have always tried to manage your addiction by yourself and have had trouble with relapse. Have you considered attending meetings regularly? Most of us can not quit on our own and must have the support of others to successfully end our addiction. Please consider getting more support to end your drug abuse and get your life back as you want it.

Consider attending AA and NA meetings daily for at least 90 days, work the steps and as soon as possible get a sponsor for support. It can work for you:)

Good luck!

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