How to stop smoking pot?

by Raul

How can I ever stop from smoking marijuana? I use to play baseball high and got scouted by the Phillies when I was seventeen, it’s been 45 years and still smoking listening to old Beatles’ songs.

I believe if I begin to exercise and perhaps pursue a career I might have a chance and stay close to my daughters who are an inspiration to me, please give some advice,

thank – you.

Go To Meetings

by: Ned Wicker

Dear Raul,

There are many out there that will say without hesitation that you cannot possibly be addicted to marijuana. I think it is obvious you have developed a substance use disorder and you need some help to stop smoking.

It is possible to play baseball while high, and I know of major league players who have played under the influence of cocaine and other drugs. Some players became legends for their drinking and playing while hung over, so it is possible to function, yet still struggle every day.

I really believe a 12 Step program would help you to stop, especially since you already want to stop and you seem motivated. This means going to meetings and being with people like you, who struggle the same way and who also want to stop smoking.

A lot of people focus on the quitting part and they keep telling themselves “I want to quit, I want to quit.” There’s a lot of pressure there. A friend of mine suggested instead of quitting, try this — just don’t start again.

On the surface that sounds stupid, but there’s logic to it. It’s taking ownership of the next thing you want to do, rather than concerning yourself with all of the things you have already done.

I also recall a few years ago watching the top tobacco industry executives one-by-one lying to Congress about how they don’t believe nicotine was addictive. Tell that to the millions of people who died of lung cancer.

The marijuana out there today is potent, and you might have to be patient with yourself. But it’s worth it. The old Beatles records are fine, and I still listen to those tunes from the 1960’s.

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