Husband Addicted to Pain Killers

by Melissa


My husband who is a very brilliant man is addicted to pain killers.

He is also a physician assistant.

I need help for him but do not know what to do?

Please help.

The Light of Day

by: Ned Wicker

Your husband needs help in dealing with his addiction.

In many cases, after the pain is gone, the addiction to the pain medication stays on, so he needs to address that issue.

Addiction is a nasty disease because there is potential for him to “help himself” if he has access to the medication room.

I am sure your husband is a good guy, but addiction causes us to do strange things and access to pain medication, especially the opiates, is sometimes irresistible.

I once met a nurse who had a similar situation after an injury, but he went into treatment and recovery. Not getting help with the addiction can lead to serious professional and legal issues. He needs to get help.

Talk to your doctor and get his/her take on the situation.

Have you had an open and honest discussion with your husband?

Is your husband aware of his plight?

Or, is he in denial?

The sooner you get some help and support and get your husbands disease out into the open, the better it will be for both of you.

Seek out a professional and make the call.

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