Husband keeps going back to Meth?

My Husband has been through treatment for Meth addiction several times. He is an intravenous user. He has been clean for extended periods of time between treatment, but continues to go back to the drug.

He’s been clean this time for 15 months and just start using again 2 days ago. I am so confused… He has a good family, good relationships with his parents, very involved in our church, has a job he likes and I love him very much and he knows it.

Why, why, why would he go back?

What is the pull this drug has?

It seems to overwhelm him… I’m feeling completely defeated.

Trappings of Success

by: Ned Wicker

He has a supportive family, he’s active in church and the picture you paint is of a man who has every reason to feel fortunate. But he doesn’t feel fortunate. Something deep inside hurts and the meth touches that hurt.

He’s been in and out of treatment, but he persists. He stays clean for extended periods, so you think he’s going to stay off the meth, but he doesn’t. What is he hiding?

This cycle of using and not using is showing me a pattern of insecurity and I wonder how he reconciles the drug use with his active role in the church. I’m not calling him a hypocrite, but I am suggesting that he isn’t allowing God access to his spirit.

Encourage him to try again, only this time with a heavy reliance on God’s grace and resoration. Treatment fails because of bad choices. I truly believe God will overcome any addiction. You might want to check out Al-Anon and get some support.

Also churches in your community might have Christian recovery programs and that would be beneficial. There is hope and if he allows it, God will show him a smoother path.

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