Husband using meth wants to come back?

by Hayley

My husband went into treatment for meth use- although now he denies ever using it. He blames it all on alcohol and even has his family fooled that it was meth. He somehow changed his discharge paperwork to read that his primary addiction was alcohol, not meth. I even called the police to take him in while he was tweaking. He was badly burned trying to steal our own propane from our tank- I guess to cook his own meth.

To make a long story short- I filed for divorce- in safety of our three year old daughter that almost stumbled across his stash that he left in our bathroom. He begs for me back and swears if I don’t take him back- he will get sole custody of our child.

Denial and Lies

by: Ned Wicker

Changing the discharge paperwork is certainly the action of a desperate man, who doesn’t realize that it will all come crashing down eventually. Sounds like he did not benefit from treatment at all.

Custody is a threat that will backfire and as long as he wants to deny his problem and lie about what is really going on in his life, it is apparent that there is no room for you or your child. Addiction knows no morals or ethics, nor does it have any concern or compassion for family.

His life looks like a train wreck and I pray he gets serious help and straightens himself out. He is likely going to be a handful until the truth comes out. Be ready for a fight. Give Al-Anon a call and let them offer you some emotional support and guidance.

Husband using meth….

by: Lynette


Dear Hayley,

Thanks for writing. I agree with Ned’s comments. I wanted to add that I think that it would help you if you would go to an Al Anon meeting-they are for friends and families of alcoholics and drug addicts.

There you will meet others in the same or similar situation as yourself. Sometimes we don’t even realize how the addict is affecting us and the meetings really help me sort things out.

You need to get some support for yourself – YOU ARE NOT ALONE!

My son has been using drugs and alcohol for about 13 years. I go to Al Anon, see a counselor, speak to my minister and go to a physician’s assistant. All this support is IMMENSELY helpful.

As far as him getting custody of your child, I think you should talk to a lawyer.

Good luck and I will say a prayer for you-Lynette

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