I am a heroin addict can I get pregnant??


I am 23 years old and I have been using drugs for 9 years I was recently clean for 4 months no suboxone, no methadone and I still didn’t get my period I have been to the doctors and they just told me to get on the pill so maybe I can start getting regular periods…. Anyways the question I’m trying to ask is can I get pregnant without having my period for over a year?¿?¿

Ask your doctor

by: Ned Wicker

This is a question for a doctor and not one for searching on the internet, or getting an opinion from somebody on the street.

Obviously with the drug use your body has been through quite a lot, so I would highly recommend a visit to a physician for a medical examination and be honest about your drug use.

If you want to get pregnant and start a family, it is wise to make sure that you are healthy and capable of having children. Perhaps others may respond and share their own, personal experience, but I would still seek the opinion of a medical professional and have that check-up.

They may want to put you on the pill for a while to allow your body to fully recover from the drug abuse.

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