I am not a crystal meth user but my fiance was.

by Jennifer

I am not a crystal meth user but my fiance was. His story is as heartbreaking as they get. We were friends and dated in high school 25 years ago. He showed up on my door step 41/2 years ago needing help. Yet he didn’t let me know until it had crept into my home and life I made as a single mother.

I battled and beat my own addiction and am 7 years clean. For 4 years I had endless sleepless nights waiting for him to run out of drugs so I could sleep. I was threatened by drug dealers at my home. I was forced to move only to find our bills had gone to dealers and my daughter and I had no where to go. We moved across the street after asking for help from his mother. She acted in a manner that I can now see how this soul was where he was in his life.

She over-nighted him $5,000. In the 6 weeks he was alone in our home, he smoke, shot and snorted all that money. His mother convinced him my idea of rehab was not the answer. She convinced him to become an over the road truck driver. He spent a year using meth that was supplied from his brother and cousins. His battled and agony ended the day my nightmare began.

He hung himself in the sleeper of his truck.

I got another of many disturbing messages on Dec 13 2010. I started calling from 11pm until 2:14pm December 14 2010 when the coroner answered his phone. He told me they just arrived to his truck which a lot attendant found his truck parked on a downward slant and running to long. They answered to me as he was still hanging. He left me enough information to know something was wrong. I was tested to find I have Hep C. I am a single mother that now get to finish living his pain out the rest of my years.

I know being an addict and loving an addict are two completely different pains. We think we have control as an addict but we know an addict has no control and we only get to watch as they slowly kill themselves and our souls.

I am not…

by: Lynette


Dear Jennifer,

Thank you for sharing your story. I am SO sorry for the way things turned out.

I am a recovering alcoholic – I have not drank for 25 years.

My son is an addict and has been using drugs for 13 years. He is in jail for the fourth time.

It has been a terrible 13 years. However, for the past 2 years I have been attending a really good Al Anon meeting. It has helped me SO MUCH. I greatly recommend the meetings to you. I have learned to take care of myself and to walk my own road and to let my son walk his. I’m still learning but things have gotten some better. I also have support from my counselor, my minister and my physician’s assistant.


My husband’s brother died of a heroin overdose at the age of 32. It was absolutely horrendous and heartbreaking for us and our families.

I HATE DRUGS AND ALCOHOL. I know that addiction is a disease – a sickness. People have to really want to get better. I hope my son does. The Lord has spared his live so many times.

I give every day over to God and that has helped tremendously too.

I hope you can get some support. I will pray for you-Lynette

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