Living a Double Life

by John

I’m 51 and about 5 years ago I met this girl around 28 that was a good friend and made me feel special. I hadn’t used drugs or actually dealt with my prior drug problem for 25 years. I was clean that whole time married to a really awesome girl (and still am).

I blinked my eye and I found myself smoking crack one night with her and becoming her drug buddy along with benefits that come along with it sexually because you just don’t care at all. I was instantly hooked………instantly!!! I used heavily for the next four years.

I was caught by the wife and we went through our tough times but shaking the drug was the hardest thing I ever did in my life. I said I stopped but of course I didn’t. I smoked it everywhere, crack houses, parking lots, at home when everyone was asleep, in the morning before work. It didn’t matter because if you have a few bags you’ll smoke it until its gone and care about nobody but yourself.

I was living a double life bigtime with her and started to actually have real feelings for her, but after getting high I’d go home to my real straight and normal life.

It’s been 5 years since I started it and 2 1/2 since I last smoked crack and with a lot of support from the wife and being open and finally honest with everyone and having a family counselor every month to stay on track things couldn’t be better.

I don’t see my crack girl friend anymore, I heard she actually stopped herself. Please if anyone at a party or anywhere offers you a hit,,,,DON’T DO IT. I took only one hit and it changed my life. I lost my job of 25 years was unemployed and recently got back a job full time and am back on track like the old John from the past.

I’m very happy and escaped a drug that I never thought I would. Almost going into cardiac arrest at home from heavy sweating and my heart pumping out of my chest I stopped that July night and never picked up again. It doesn’t discriminate age, status anything.

If you smoke it will probably ruin your life for good. I was extremely lucky I beat the odds and want to tell anyone that wants to email me and ask any question or needs someone to email and listen too I’m so ok with that.

I’d love to make a difference to someone else or just have you email me and we can talk, I know I wished I had someone to reach out to because my wife had no drug experience at all, never tried anything so she wouldn’t understand some things. I am here and feel free to email me. Peace. John

the dream

by: justin

I can see how you slipped up john, you were 51 and she was 28 she smoked crack something that you never had done with your wife. It must of felt like living the dream when you two got high together.

Anyone with a hard drugs past would have easily become sucked in to a relationship like that depending on how good looking she was. If that happened to me the thought of a good-looking younger woman who you could have a smoke with would be to much to turn down.

Justin(clean off heroin 2years)

Living a Double Life

by: Lynette


Hi John,
Thanks so much for sharing your story. It is sad but the ending is very encouraging!

I am a recovering alcoholic and I have not drank in 25 years.

My son has been using drugs and alcohol for many years and is now in jail for DUI. He was clean for seven months after getting out of jail the last time and then relapsed. He now says he has had it and wants to really get into the Alcoholics Anonymous program and get help. I hope he does.

I’ve heard that the first time you use crack you get hooked so I guess it is true. I am so glad that you are now clean. I am going to print your story and give it to my son in jail.

Thanks again for sharing. I will pray for you and your family-Lynette

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