Meeting the devil face 2 face…

by Deanha Burnley


Hello there, well I’m guessing if your reading this you may have had addiction in your life some how maybe it was you who has the addiction?

Well I had an addiction to heroin for nearly 8 years it swallowed me up so quick I didn’t have the chance to not get addicted.

Finally, I can say I’m clean and mean it!

I remember the thing I always missed most was not being able to get up in morning and worry about finding my next fix… it was a nightmare.

I used to dread going to sleep as I knew I had to wake up and go threw it all again.

I can now wake up in the morning and concentrate on myself and the things I’ve always wanted to do.

For example I’ve been clean nearly 3 years and I’m doing one on one talks with other addicts at my local drug service.

I’ve been on holiday 3 times (Amsterdam, Ibiza n Turkey) and back then things like that were just wishes.

But I guess what I’m trying to say is getting clean is so worth doing, so you can go and chase your wishes and dreams like I did.

Mine aren’t wishes anymore I went after mine and mine all came true. I’ve got the holiday photo albums and memories to prove it.

See it is possible I did it and I was a bad heroin addict and didn’t ever see a way out but there is you just have to find it.

Please be strong and achieve your goals, dreams and wishes they can happen, I’m living proof!!

* Became an addict at 17
* Got clean at 24
* Age now 25, 26 on 2nd August 2nd happy birthday me…

take care guys n keep smiling and most importantly keep the faith….. 🙂

thanks 4 reading Deanha xxxx

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