My son a herion addict !

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My son a herion addict !


My son is a heroin addict, found out on his 21st birthday. It about killed me… this is my kid how is this possible. He had been using for several months, it was getting to the point he could no longer hide it.

I took him to see a counselor, he kept saying he was good.. Watched over him as much as I could, his work is calling saying something is wrong with him. I knew he was still using.. Talked to him about work and my concerns… He said it was nothing I knew he was lying, but had no actual proof… I was always checking his room, car for anything… Never found anything… Even if I did I knew there was nothing I could do unless he was ready.

So everyday I talked to him, letting him know I was here, that i loved him and I can help if he would ask. Another couple months went by. Things were really getting bad. Still nothing I could do… The day after Christmas 2014… He broke down and told me, he needed help I was so releaved. That Wednesday, New Years Eve, i took him to rehab… Bring the new year in right. Things seem to be going great he was loving it… After 10 days, which would be today he called wanting me to pick him up, he was all pissed off at the people for putting him in a room and making him relax, do to him passing out.

I told him no big deal, there’s a reason you passed out, so just relax.. He got mad and hung up on me. Called back 5 minutes later asking me again to pick him up, I said no… You’re having a bad day, shake it off and relax… I’ll be there tomorrow, to visit you… He called back 10 minutes later, and said don’t worry I got my own ride and I’ll be home in a couple hours… I said please stay, tomorrow will be a better day. I asked who did you call, he said his dope man, i was in shock, and he would not be
home tonight cause he was mad at me. He very rude, when I telling him that is BS. He said he did not care… I’m scared!!

At this point it has been over 2 hrs. since I talked to him. Let messages for him to call me, letting him know his sponsor would pick him up. I’m not sure if he is lying or bring serious. I’m nerves, scared, and concerned. I love my son with all my heart. I have a bad feeling 🙁

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Have you called the people at the treatment center for advice?

by: Debbie Wicker


I recommend that you call his treatment center and talk to the staff ASAP. Let them know EVERYTHING he’s told you. Also let them know you’re scared and not to let his drug dealer pick him up.

I would also call his sponsor and have his sponsor call him to check on how he is doing. Heroin is a disease of the brain that is characterized by relapse. So if your son has relapsed get him back into treatment as quickly as you can.

You should try to develop a relationship with the people at the treatment center so they can help you to help your son. Don’t let your son bully you and don’t take no for an answer. The sooner he gets back into treatment if he has relapsed the better!

Good Luck,



by: Anonymous

I understand your pain I have a drug addict for a son too. Its up to him to go back he knows he should but his anger sadly has taken over and hes going back to the only thing he knows. Stay strong find a support group. Praying for you and your son to find guidance in God. MUCH LOVE!!


by: Anonymous

Thank you debbie for the advice, I did call the treatment center, they were no help. Privacy HIPPA. They could not even tell me if he was still there or not. I called and left a message for him to call home.

I did call his sponsor and he said he would pick him up. Two hours later my son called and said his ride would not pick him up, and told me he was sorry for acting that way, and he still wanted to leave. I asked why, are u trying to use, of course he said no. If he wanted it he could do it there, its been ofterred to him on 2 to 4 times. I was thinking this BS, but at the same time maybe its true, there are drugs on ther inside.I told him no and to call his sponsor. Sponsor said no and we would be there tomorrow.

Today we went to visit and see how he was doing, about the time we pulled in the parking lot, he was calling wanting to know where I was, when I told him I was on my way in. He said no, he has his discharge papers and would be out in ten mins. Well we went in any way to talk to his counsler, I told her what was going on, she said he’s Bs-ing me. About drugs on inside.

We talked a little longer on what to do. After talking for another 20 mins. And his attitude was not nice, he said he was ready to go home. After he left the room, we talked a little longer. At this point I agreed to leave him there for a couple more days, he was out this Wednesday, and then going to a half way house. Me and the counsler agreed to keep in touch all day,on how he was doing.

I did not want to say good bye, so we left I knew he was going to be mad, but he would get over it. As we were walking back to the car, sponsor said we have company, my son was at my car with his stuff. I was like really, I was leaving you here. Well that did not happened. He is home, his sponsor has had him all day, getting him hooked up with the right people, ( new friends). And meetings tonight.

He said he still wants help and is willing to do what it takes to stay clean. I hope this is true. I have decided to be positive, but still nerves at the same time. I will up date.

17 days sober

by: Anonymous

I just wanted to up date my story on my son. He has been home as a week tomorrow, so far so good. He has been going to meetings everyday, he has gone back to work. He is doing good.

The rehab wanted him to go to a half way house. He said he would get more structure with me, which he is on lock down, for the time bring he’s ok with this. This helps him to control himself.

He is not ready to be out there on his own.
He does know he does not want to go back to that life style. He said that you have no idea how horrible it is, which I don’t. All I know is what I hear.

He looks good, gain at least 6 lbs. Changes his cloths daily. He looks and acts like my son again. He’s very open to talk about what he’s been through. I really don’t know how to explain how I feel right now. All I know is he’s safe, and wants to stay clean. Me, his sponsor, friends and family are all pulling together to help him and let him know he can do this…

We still have a long road ahead of us… Lots if trust issues, between us. He has put the effort into going to his meetings, and telling his friends he can not hang out… He does not drive at this moment, we take and pick him up from work and meetings. He reads his AA book every day and is following his steps to recovery.

I am very proud of him. I hope my story helps someone else, it’s not easy but we’re making it work…

Congratulations, you may want to go to meetings too.

by: Debbie Wicker

It is great to hear that your son is doing so well. Going to the meetings and working the steps is SO critical for him to maintain his sobriety.

I would recommend that you also work the steps and go to Al-anon meetings where ever he is going to AA. If you attend too, the chances that he will maintain his sobriety go up pretty significantly.

Also, if you’re both working the steps you will be able to discuss the steps and can help each other to recover the trust you’ve lost. Your going to meetings is a great way for you to support his continued abstinence.

Much research has been done on the 12 step program and if both of you work the steps the statistics show a significant increase in successful recovery for your son.

Good Luck,


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