Mom has cancer and is doing crack?

My mom has stage 4 lung cancer and my sister just informed me that she has been using crack.

I HATE DRUGS IT’S BAD ENOUGH SHE DOES WEED BUT THAT’S FOR PAIN CONTROL, I have no idea what to do I wanna just turn and not look back?

Support and Love

by: Ned Wicker

When we are at the end of our rope, that’s where God’s rope begins. Her doctors will have to determine how to treat the cancer, or if they can treat the cancer at all while your mother is using crack. Lung cancer is particularly difficult and smoking just makes it worse. There may not be anything at all for you to do, but you can love your mother, prayer for her and just try to be supportive. You can encourage her to stop smoking crack and marijuana, and try to help her cooperate with the medical team. I am sure there is a better way to manage pain than smoking grass.
Al-anon is there to help you and give you emotional support. It is difficult to stand by when someone you love is addicted. My mother was an alcoholic and I vividly remember feeling so helpless to do anything. Regardless of what has happened, she is your mother, so the key for you is to just be her daughter.
Perhaps you and your sister can be a positive influence on her. If her prognosis is poor, you can give her love and support.

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