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by Kevin

Why do Teens seem to struggle with addiction so much?

by nana johnson

(new york)

my cousin anna takes morphine and now she has an addiction to morphine.

What do I do?

why are teenagers so involved in drug addiction?

by Judith

I have a son 28 yrs old, paraplegic for 6 years in 2003 car accident, in 2006 he started abusing his pain medication, snorting his Vicodin, in 2007 he prescribed to take 20mg of Oxycotin and began to snort those pills he was prescribed 60 pills and would use up quickly.

In 2009 he is prescribed 180 Hydrocodones, and 90 – 30mg of

Lyrica 150mg prescribed 60 pills total 320 pills for long term, break through and nerve pain. He abuses his pills sometimes when he runs out he
turns to alcohol.

Is there medication that not a narcotic that can help, and I know he needs treatment too.

by Pat

I know some people who are in a long term relationship where both parties suffer from an addiction. The
relationship is in grave trouble financially and spiritually.I am not sure if both want help.

Is there any way for them to get help without entering

The addiction is to crack cocaine. They both work and cannot afford to enter a rehab but i know they are in trouble and need help.

They do not know where to turn.

I am a 37 year old man, from the age of 17 I have been using drugs.

I have been in rehab centers all my adult life and in jail for numerous charges.

I am tired and would like to know if you can help me.

by your mom

(your hometown, Pa.)

My 23 yr old son has been shooting up these pills for the past I believe 4-5 years, the family did not know that he was using to this extent, we knew he was into something but, did not know it was this bad.

His vocational rehab coach thinks he needs therapy, and I feel this also, but,he has chosen to go out patient where they give him a prescription for the same drug he is addicted to ?? does this make any sense?

I do not understand this method of treatment. I am terrified that I will find my son dead from his own needle.

He was recently arrested the 2nd time for possession.

I feel helpless.

I am loosing my son right before my very eyes and cannot seem to get through to him, actually sometimes, I feel he is not my son as I know him but, a drug addict, because my son was not raised this way, what makes people turn to this lifestyle?

I keep asking myself why? What can I do to end this madness his life has become?

He is still trying to convince us that he does not have a problem, with track marks running up and down both arms. They are old he claims, if that is the case how long does it take for those to heal and go away?

I just wonder since we did not even know what track marks looked like to begin with, I think they should publish pictures of those along with the needles, pills, tourniquet material so naive people know what they are looking for.

That was the first time I ever saw a ‘track’ mark in my life I had no clue that it would look like that. I feel that I need someone to talk to along with my parents and a couple other family members that are having a rough time dealing with this and do not know how to help save him from himself if that is even possible.

Ok, what do you do when it’s a doctor who is writing his own prescriptions?

He writes them in family members’ names and then goes and picks them up……a endless supply of prescriptions…..

(Baltimore, MD)

My brother is addicted to Opiates and is currently living w his wife and 10 year old son.

She is in need of help now, he is spinning out of control, not a good husband and not a good father.

Can you recommend treatment facilities to offer to him?

She wants to do an intervention with him and include all of us -his family.

Can you recommend a Dr. or facility that she can turn to for help? We are feeling a little helpless.

We live in Baltimore MD 21204 zip code area.

by Helen

I have a brother, 30 years old, who has struggled with drug addiction for over 12 years and has only been sober for 2 years, at most. He recently got out of prison, served 4 years, and he started using drugs again. I am really heartbroken, because he is putting our family through hell, worse than it’s ever been. He is putting my parents’ health at risk. My brother claims that he will quit within two weeks, but of course, no one believes him.

What is the best approach in trying to help him overcome this atrocious illness?

Should we threaten to kick him out again if he
is not willing to stop?

It is so difficult, almost impossible to try talk to him in a decent mannar.

He attacks everyone and goes insane, threating that he will leave and not come back. Please help, I am desperate. I don’t want him to die, either on the streets, or by his addiction, nor do I want my parents and myself as well to suffer like this.

What should we do?

i have been looking on the internet for awhile now trying to find out if mouth or lip twitching is a symptom of some kind of drug abuse.

i was thinking some kind of pills. the reaseon why i am concerned is because a friend of mine has had problems with pills before and im afraid they might be doing it again.

can u please tell me if lip or mouth twitching is a sign that they have been doing some kind of drug?

thank u

My son is 19 years old…

he has a drug problem that has been ongoing for over 4 years now. He has about 5 weeks ago admitted he had a problem, called a drug rehab, got put on a waiting list…

and was supposed to call and check in every week, which he hasn’t..

he is slipping and not wanting to go now…

he is addicted to hydrocodone and xanax (that I know of)…

in the past, a year or so ago, he tried meth, cocaine, and I have no idea what else…

he seems to sleep all day, and stay out all night. I am at the point that I think he needs intervention if that is possible at all…

here in Texas…?

and, he has no insurance now…

he dropped off of mine last year..

he has no job, no insurance…

is there anything that I can do to help him get help? or force him to get help…

have him committed?

My daughter became addicted to pain medication after she was prescribed a type of opiate drug for severe migraine headaches.

She is now in rehab.

My question is what happens if she ever needs something for pain? Does she just have to suffer?

by Linda

I have a 30 yr. old son who is a drug addict and have him on meds. No insurance and can only get drugs for help/ no counseling at all because the program has no money.

I have taken him to An Meeting but he just doesn’t get it. He was on oxy’s and other drugs for at least 8 years. He is like he is 10 or 12 years old now. But
since he is on meds.

He thinks he’s fine, but now he is out looking for drugs again to get high. I don’t know what to do. I have applyed for medicaid for him, but it has been a night mare for me, I am still waiting after 5 months of
paper work. I don’t know what to do.


I NEED HELP TO I CAN’T SLEEP AND I don’t have anyone to help me take care of him, it is so very hard ..

My name is Kelly and I am a drug addict. I am 21 years old. I have a 2 year old daughter and a finance who is also a drug addict.

We really need help but really do not have the money for the help we need, and we do not want to lose our daughter, she means everything to us.

We are really scared.

We want help just do not no how to get it.

Our family really does not know what goes on.

Our daughter is well taking care of we are the best parents, we are just very scared we will lose our kid if we really get help.

Please help….

My son has taken a variety of illegal substances, including heroin, for 30 years. He is 43 years old. His family has struggled with him over this period of time. And he has been in and out of treatment.

He was on a methadone maintenance program, but got kicked out because of drug use and now buys methadone on the street. We think he is now using meth and other drugs.

He has, at this point, serious mental problems– delusions, paranoia, etc. caused by the drug use or he has a mental disorder, we don’t know which, and he is definitely treatment resistant.

My inclination is now: I’M DONE. He wants money, which I won’t give him. We do occasionally send him gift cards to buy food. He claims he’s on the brink of homelessness.

All I can offer now is love and support.

He will not listen to me about getting treatment.

What if my dad does not get help?

Then what do I do?

Just continue to be there and watch him kill himself or do I separate myself from him until he changes?

I have been using Percocet and Ultram Tramadol for about a year now and I need to stop. I haven’t taken it in two days now and I have no more pills.

What I need to know is, are there any ways to make the side affects less harsh. I know I am the stupid one that started taking them and you are probably going to tell me there is nothing I can do for it, but I have no support here.

My husband and I are on the verge of a separation/divorce, I’m not in the states right now because he is military and we are stationed overseas and I’m stuck.

I HAVE to stop taking this drug because I’m afraid he will be a jerk in the divorce and say I used drugs and he will take everything I have.

I started using because he makes me so unhappy.

He plays this game called World of Warcraft for hours everyday and literally ignores me.

Taking the drugs helped me cope and I felt energized. I know now that it’s bad and I’m done.

I just need to get through this. I do not believe that I cannot just quit on willpower alone.

Knowing that I will lose everything is willpower enough. I just hope there are little things that will help me get energized throughout the day and sleep at night.

Those are my two biggest problems. I can handle the cold sweats, but not the restless legs at night and the laziness during the day.

Right now as I type I am kicking my legs around to get comfortable. Thank you for anything you can help me with.

It is appreciated.

Our daughter is currently on a methadone program,related to her addiction to Oxy-Contin. She has urine screenings randomly and we were surprised to find out she has now involved herself with inhalants. Would this not show up in her screenings?

I’m the mother of a 22yr old son who has only recently (few months) seems to have or is becoming addicted to cocaine and or the “legal” drugs from the head shops.

I am growing increasingly worried about him and don’t know who to talk to about what I can do to help him…

even tho he says he s fine ..

“It’s not a problem” .

Please can you contact me an offer me some advice?

I want two know when do you consider someone an addict?

My daughters boyfriend has left her on numerous occasions to use recreational drugs which has led him to use weed and prescription drugs regularly and he left her for another girl when she was 8 months pregnant.

Would you consider him an addict?

by joenald fernandez


what are those steps to prevent drug addiction?
any disadvantages?

by Jeremy


My wife is addicted to phentermine and I’ve just learned of her use of it. My sister who is a recovered drug addict just told me of it.

She has lost touch with reality and is blaming me for everything. Before I approach her I want to find out the best way.

She has become extremely argumentative and has even went as far as telling ridiculous stories and lies about me to people at her work and her friends.

She has constructed a world in her mind that is no where close to reality. I’ve had to move out two days ago, because of her changes. I still love her deeply and do not want her to be hurt mentally or physically by this.

Right now I know she will deny it to me and not listen to what I say even if I have documents proving the damage it can cause. She will tell me I’m crazy. I moved out because she has started to believe I would harm her and has spread that throughout our town. We have a 5 year old son and I don’t want to have to have him see her like this.

Please give me advice on how I should approach her so that she will not deny it and want to get help.

i need help! my husband has been a drug addict for years, he has lost everything he had, and now wants another opportunity. the only problem is he medicates him self, he doesn’t not like to
go to N/A meetings and thinks he can do it himself.

we have been married for about almost 2 years and has relapsed about 8-9 time all ready and i’m to the point where i cant take it anymore.

feb 17 is his relapse day and i am looking
for help. please help me and my husband so my family can be happy.

we have two children that love him and he deserves better.

My boyfriend is 22 years old and he is a recovering heroin user.

I am frustrated and I do not know what to do to support him being sober.

He still wants to use, please give me some advice thanks!

I am trying to stop drinking, but my husband continues to drink in front of me and to buy the alcohol.

Is it too much to ask that we not have any alcohol in the house and that he not drink in front of me?

my whole life is a mess..

im turning 25 with a major drug problem.

i have to stop lying to myself my dad or my grandmother?

i don’t understand how i can be high and asking for help?

am i ready?

i have done so many things that i regret but i know i can beat it.

i feel like i can’t talk to my father because he smokes pot..

i don’t have my mother and i want to ask my grandmother for help but she has been through enough and i don’t think i can put her through this?

i’ve already let her down so many times?

the thing is that it has been based on me getting a g.e.d. not getting help for my DRUG PROBLEM? Can’t They tell i have a problem?

i need to do something NOW..

Time is running out for me..

i’m gonna end up in jail or dead

i just want to know that there is hope for me?

i want to talk to someone but i have to tell someone about this.

i need help but i’m high right now..

i’m scared once i sober up i will have lied to myself again and i can’t do this anymore.

i am drug addict..

i need to talk to a female because i think i have a better chance of admitting i have a PROBLEM.

help me please..

My daughter is 21, she has been taking pills . Recently she stole some checks and cashed them the amounts were 350 500 and 600 all in one week. i confronted someone at NA and they said she is doing more than pills, and that i need to get her into detox which she is right now.

My problem is she wants to keep the drugy boyfriend around, she says he loves her. He does drugs also but is not in any help program.

She is going to go into a 28 day program when she comes out of detox. the boyfriend has no job and bums around her for everything, he is calling the hospital were she is saying he is lonely and cold, trying to make her feel bad.

How can i get her to understand that he needs to stay away from her so she can get better?

by Michelle


When returning from vacation I received a call from my boyfriend at the airport saying “he’s not good” and that used he “pawned everything including some of your things”

I was in shock, furious and then he said “I don’t need you to yell at me I need your support”.

Hanging up the phone I burst into tears got on the plane and faced this horrible mess.

When we first started dating he told me his past, and that he had a drug problem but went to a treatment centre and was clean for 10 yrs.

So, I thought all was in the past and his addiction was not a problem, as he claimed it wasn’t a part of his life anymore. I guess I was mistaken.

Well days went on and he seemed “ok”. I’ve never known anyone who did drugs so I didn’t know what to look for. But his behavior was different, he didn’t look healthy and he had an answer for every question asked.

We used to spend every waking moment together but now he would be gone for hours even until late at night. I knew something was up and eventually one night I drove and saw him in a ‘bad’ area of town. I told him I would not live a life like this and would not be involved with someone who is doing drugs.

I told him his erratic behavior (all new towards me) was unacceptable, that he was overstepping my boundaries and disrespecting me. A day would pass and he was ok, but then he drifted.

I stayed silent most times and watched to see if he would change knowing my limitations.

Then one day I woke him up (he was sleeping in for days saying he was ‘not feeling well’) and on this day he was mean. We argued, he swore at me viciously (which he NEVER did to me before) and I basically was begging him to get my stuff out of the pawn shop.

Although I was enraged I remained calm for reasons that still escape me. I left to do errands and started to get myself together. I priced flights to my parents hometown, I bought luggage, then he called and lied about how much money was needed to get my stuff out of the pawn shop.

I eventually got my stuff and he was so mad. He came home and at first was so angry but then silent. I looked at him and realized then he was very sick…an addict that I couldn’t help.

I held him in my arms, hugged him and said “you are so broken, you don’t even know when someone is loving you”. Later that night I got home to realize my computer was gone and he left a note saying he was in trouble and he needed time.

I packed all my belongings and the next day moved out. I didn’t return any of his calls for days. I was simply devastated, hurt, confused and so sad. I love this man and thought I was spending the rest of my life with him.

We spoke the day before I flew to my parents. He was so sorry, crying on the phone begging me to stay. I said no. You have a problem and you need help. I told him I will not be in his life until he gets the help he needs.

We correspond by email because it hurts to speak to him (plus he’s been lying to me and I don’t know what to believe).

I want to keep in touch with him but I feel like he’s manipulating me, making me feel guilty for leaving and saying if I loved him I would have stayed.

Also, I feel I am giving him mix messages saying “I won’t be apart of his life until he gets help” yet responding to his emails. I want to keep some communication so I know he’s still alive.

Did I do the right thing??

Leaving him is loving him…right?

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