Morphine analgesic same as methadone?

My cousin use to go to a detox centre for methadone and takes about 25ml a day. Now somebody gave him morphine oral and wants to try it, and i am afraid that it is not the same. I mean once he took suboxone while on methadone,and he passed through a rough withdrawal.

So my question is do methadone and morphine analgesic work the same or not?

I am trying to convince him not to mix drugs, but he already said that if he misses an appointment for some reason he will try to take the morphine analgesic

Bad Idea

by: Ned Wicker

Very bad idea! Methadone is a synthetic opiate, developed in Germany in the late 1930’s, and acts on the same brain receptors as morphine.

The drug is used to mitigate the nasty opiate withdrawal symptoms. A small dose of methadone can help the patient get through. So your cousin is going to buy morphine off the street and take that instead of his prescribed medication.

First, it’s illegal. Second, it’s medically a foolish, if not insane thing to do. If your cousin is seriously considering this, he has obviously given up on his treatment and probably isn’t interested in really working at his recovery.

He should do a 12 Step program, which is designed to get the patient off methadone or any other maintenance drug.

I do not see an upside to this scenario. Maybe you can encourage your cousin to rethink this idea and get back on track with a proven treatment and recovery program.

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