7 years gone to waste!

by Megan


I’m 17 and I have 2 brothers, 1 sister with our mother addicted to drugs. Hasn’t always been that way.. she stayed clean for 7 years. She had a new car, great home, awesome job, and most of all her family. She began to fight with her boyfriend and she wanted to move out. We got a place and everything was fine until I started seeing old friends from her past calling her phone and facebooking her.

I asked her but she would have some excuse to why they were calling. She began to never sleep or eat. Her attitude was not her. I have so much more to tell but can’t explain.. I’m always crying and looking for an answer I can’t seem to find?

You Need Support

by: Ned Wicker

Dear Megan,
I can only imagine how difficult this is for you, to watch all of this unfolding and not knowing how you can stop it or be of help. Understand that people are always looking for answers and for a way to handle their problems. Some people will make bad decisions and turn to drugs, and from your brief description, it sounds like your mom’s decision to reconnect with old friends has led to resuming some old habits. Of course she is secretive about it, because when we walk in the shadows, we do not want to step into the light where other people can see us. That’s human nature.
Give Al-anon a call. That is an organization for family members who want to help, but do not know what to do. Believe me, they will understand what you are going through, they will have recommendations and they will be great to talk to. Encourage your family to do the same.
Don’t try to do all the work yourself. It’s tough being the kid, so I encourage you to turn to an older person for guidance and support. Sometimes parents just won’t listen to their children and it might take an outsider to intervene. You might want to talk to aunts, uncles, grandparents. If you’re the only one with a concern, that can be pretty lonely.
Your mom is going to need help, so the important thing is to love her, support her, but get her into treatment. Get the help of someone who has walked in your shoes and will listen to you. Be patient, because your mom might resist any efforts you make. She might even get angry with you. It’s a part of the deal, so deal with it. You can be a huge help to your mom, so keep focused and don’t give up.

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