Scared mom of 2 little girls

by My husband and I are going through a divorce

My husband of 7 years walked out on my children (1 & 3)and I a week before Christmas after admitting to have been having an affair. It’s a complete mess.

My husband took our children around his girlfriend not even a month later. I found out later that she is a 15year drug addict who claims to be clean according to her facebook page for the last 10 months.

She has lost custody of all 4 of her children ranging in age 3-16 in separate situations due to abuse neglect and drug issues where child protective services have intervened. My husband has not seen our children in 2 months due to a restraining order for getting physical with myself.(not in front of our girls)

My question is what rights do I have when it comes to this woman being around my kids?

Her children are in Kentucky and she can only see them twice a month with supervised visits. She has also already taken my husband to meet her children we live in Ohio. HELLLPPPP!!!!

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