Teen addiction

What causes of addiction in teens?

Brain Disease

by: Ned Wicker

People who suffer from a substance use disorder have a brain disease. The chemical changes, caused by the drug, create havoc with decision making, work and family relationships.

For teens, this becomes an even more serious issue because their brain is not fully developed, to impulse control, decision making are naturally slightly impaired, because the teen can’t fully reason like an adult. As they grow into their early 20’s, the brain matures. If a teen uses, say a 15 year old, they are far more likely to become addicted. The earlier a teen starts using the higher the chance for addiction.

For example, a teen who is allowed to drink is far more likely to develop alcoholism than someone who waits until 21 to drink. Doing drugs at any age is a bad idea, but for teens it’s worse.

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