My 20 yr daughter is on drugs denies it?

by Linda Trujillo

(Phoenix, Arizona)

Hello, my daughter is doing drugs, lying & now stealing and she denies all.

I’m really not sure what to do I don’t sleep at night I worried all the time and when I see her I am outraged on how skinny she is and know she’s stealing and has no care in the world.

She is hanging out with the wrong people her boyfriend!!!! Is a drug addict and lives with my son, he doesn’t know that she stole money from his sister-in-law whom also lives there.

Please help in Arizona!

Help for your daughter

by: Debbie Wicker

Dear Linda,

Wow, it sounds like you really have your hands full. Your daughter is on drugs and your son is living with a drug addict who is also your daughter’s boyfriend.

My first recommendation to you is to start going to Al-anon meeting in Phoenix, daily if possible. Here is a link which lists local meetings for you to choose from:

Try to find a meeting where you’re comfortable and that has helpful advice for you. They can help you decide how best to help your daughter and son. Also, try to get your son to go with you to the Al-Anon meetings so that he begins to understand what a serious situation this is for your family.

The next recommendation I have is to call you doctor and try to get your daughter in for a drug addiction assessment. There are EXCELLENT tools available that can help your daughter objectively decide whether or not she has a problem. If she is unwilling to go in for an assessment you may need to consider an intervention. Your doctor should be able to find good local resources to assist if an intervention is needed.

Finally, I would recommend that your son either kick-out the drug addict or move out himself. Living with a drug addict can cause many problems and tends to get worse as time goes on. The more desperate addicts become the more dangerous the situation will be for your son and daughter.

You may also want to try to contact the family of the drug addict so they can try to help him to get into treatment as well. His family may be unaware of the severity of the problem.

Good Luck!

I’ve been where your daughter is

by: Anonymous

When I was around that age, I had a boyfriend who was addicted to drugs. At that time I wasn’t but he wanted me to be with him so he would feed me drugs to either stop me from bitching at him or so I would fall asleep but still be there with him.

I am not blaming him.

If you can and if there is a way then get her away from him!!! I am now in my upper 20’s and I am still digging myself out of the hole I dug by doing drugs. It is a hard journey.

PLEASE, do not blame yourself! I feel horrible for my mother, she has always supported me, even when I was actively using/lying to her. There is a wonderful book that I think would help you to understand and possibly help your situation.
BEAUTIFUL BOY by David Sheff!!!!

Just know that it isn’t your fault and she is going to want to change before she stops using. You CAN’T do this for her. I will be thinking about you and your daughter. Please if you have any ?s ask away or if you just need to vent!!

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