My ex isn’t telling doctors?

My ex is taking my daughter from doctor to doctor and not telling them she has been using pot and heroin. He has her on Ritalin and drugs to help her sleep. She is 15. Isn’t this against the law? I am not the custodial parent.


Doctor Shopping

by: Ned Wicker

I am sorry to hear that you ex is doctor-shopping at the expense of the health of his/your child. If I were in your shoes I’d question his decisions. You may not have custody, but you’re still her mother.

The drug issues are huge and left unchecked with ruin her life. She should be in treatment for the heroin and pot. The doctor shopping is a dreadful decision and completely irresponsible.

If you’re sure heroin is involved I would recommend you find a good Al-anon meeting and start attending those meetings. Some of the people in Al-anon have been where you are and can help you find the local resources you need to address this problem.

Go to the meetings, ask for advice and take the advice you’re giving, this is the best way to help save your child!

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