Comments for my husband has been a drug addict for years

End of your rope !!!

by: J R M

I agree with Ned. My wife tossed me out of our house because it was the only thing that I hadn’t lost and I went into a faith based treatment center for 9 months.

It’s hard to deal with and at times you’ll wanna just give up but know body can truly beat addiction by their self. People in recovery need to be around healthy people that truly care.

You need to tell him to get out and get it together meantime get your life in order.

God be in your life!!!!!!

Wake up!

by: Anonymous

You’ve heard of “rock bottom” haven’t you?

Rock bottom sometimes happens when he REALLY has lost everything.

He hasn’t yet.

He has you and the kids. As soon as you realize he cares more about the drug than he cares about you, that might be a wake-up call for you.

The other thing he has to do it get professional help. Not just NA meetings (which he won’t go to), but get himself into rehab and get clean.

And THEN go to NA meetings every day.

Tell him if he doesn’t, you’re out of there. AND MEAN IT. Your and your kids lives and futures are more important than his drug habit. Don’t do this to your kids.

Get strong!!

–Been there.

You Need Help Too

by: Ned Wicker

Your story is shared by so many women, who love their husbands, but they have come to the end of their rope because of his addiction.

Recognize that there is a major lie going on. He says he wants to do it on his own.

He might be completely sincere, but the lie is that he can go it alone and regardless of how many times he has relapsed, he needs to be in treatment.

You need support and I would suggest Al-Anon as a good first step.

They have people who can give you the support you need to be a help to your husband and your children.

Your husband is making HIS problem YOUR problem, so you need to find a different approach and Al-Anon is an excellent helper.

Your husband is not going to beat addiction by himself and you are not going to cope with the situation by yourself. Get some help and allow yourself to receive support. Addiction is a family disease, so everybody needs help.

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