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I'm trying to help my mother who is addicted to opiates?

by Danielle


I have been clean from taking oxycodone, hydrocodone, Percocet for 118 days now. I'm trying to help my mother who is addicted to all of the above. She has been on them for many, many years. I need help to help her.

We have discussed treatment many of time. Even went as far as going to her doctor to tell them that she is addicted. So they no longer prescribed them to her. She was even at the hospital to go into treatment.

I know she is afraid, as we all are for her. Myself, my dad, my two sisters and she has 6 grandchildren... we all just want her to be happy again. The old mother back. Not an addict. Please help!

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Start attending meetings and working the 12 steps.
by: Debbie Wicker

Dear Danielle,

Congratulations on your 118 days of sobriety, that is truly a marvelous accomplishment! Hopefully, you're continued sobriety will be a huge help to your mom as you both go forward with your lives.

Please consider going to AA or NA meetings so that you can get the support you need for your own well being as well a your mom's. Encourage your mom, your dad, and two sisters to go with you to Al-anon so that all of you can work the 12 steps and learn about addiction and how to end it.

The 12 step program should help your mom to begin here her journey out of addiction and will help to strengthen your recovery journey as well. We are each wonderfully and uniquely made, so your path to sobriety will likely be COMPLETELY different from your mom's. But the 12 steps help each of us to discover our own path.

If you all work the steps you should be able to maintain your success and help your mother to find her way to her own success. The steps will absolutely work for ALL of you if you are willing to work them.

Good Luck,


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- Matthew 7:7-8

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