My son of 26 years is a heroin user?

by Valerie

My son of 26 years is a heroin user although not sure how much he uses, probably not daily. He went to prison for one year in 2008 for ABH (used to drink a lot but now doesn’t drink much at all) and since out of prison things have gone down hill, he hasn’t been able to get a job and is living on benefit. Before prison always worked.

He probably has some underlying mental health distress, very depressed at the moment. I need to know what options there are for treatment, detox, support help groups, all in Brighton and Hove.

Possibilities also for psychiatric assessment and therapy through G.P. He doesn’t qualify for CRHT support, but most certainly does for a psychiatric assessment. Is this via G.P?

Please respond to my email. Thanks



Know What He Is Doing

by: Ned Wicker

Dear Valerie,

It’s important to know exactly what you are dealing with and a physical exam and consultation with your primary physician might be the best first step.

Your son also needs to have help and support, in addition to treatment. If your son is unemployed, he’s probably using you for money and a place to live. You need to establish control of your home and insist that he be willing to allow treatment and recovery to take place.

He may be manipulating you, lying to you and each day falling deeper into addiction. Groups like AA, NA and Al-Anon provide help and support for mothers just like you, so an important first step is for you to get some support.

Chances are that your son is in more trouble than you believe. Heroin use is always an extremely serious problem and usually getting worse by the day so please don’t wait to take action.

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