Need Intervention!

I would like to know if you do Drug Interventions?

This is for our son.

His been a drug addict for fifteen years, and we don’t know what to do anymore.

Please help us with this difficult problem.

Thanking you for listening.

Need Intervention

by: Anonymous

Call 1 . 877. 379 . 2273. The best thing I ever did for my brother!

Seek a Professional

by: Ned Wicker

No we do not do interventions, your best strategy would be to make some phone calls to a local treatment center, hospital or your family doctor to get a referral to an interventionist that they know and recommend.

You need to find an experienced, skilled professional to help you help your family and not try to handle this be yourself.

The interventionist will take care of the many details, not the least of which is helping the family organize and form a winning strategy.

It’s important that you not try to do this all on your own, but turn it over to the pro and trust his/her judgement.

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