Opioid use in hospitals leading to addiction

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Opioid use in hospitals leading to addiction

by Sandi


Is there a correlation between receiving opioids for acute pain in the hospital and addition tendencies?

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Many people have become opiate addicted from taking prescribed pain pills.

by: Debbie Wicker

Dear Sandi,

The first thing to say is that opiates are dangerous and highly addictive even if they are prescribed by a doctor. Many, many patients have started using opiates as prescribed by a doctor and become addicted to them.

Opiates are VERY dangerous and each of us can have a tendency to addiction from a small amount of use. This could be called an addiction tendency.

Some people can take opiates and not become addicted to them, while others can become addicted WITH FIRST USE!

So the answer to your question is yes, taking prescribed pain pills for acute pain OFTEN causes opiate addiction and it must be monitored very closely.

If you are concerned it is critical to talk to the prescribing doctor and let him/her know your concerns. There are alternative pain management techniques that can be used to avoid the awful problem of addiction.

Good Luck,


Prescribed opitates

by: Sandra

So if you have to take them for severe pain and have tried other choices without relief is this wrong? Is it right for the prescribing doctor to call you a drug addict? what do you do? especially if the pain can’t be cured?

Must look for alternatives for pain management

by: Debbie Wicker

Other options do exist for pain management that are not opiates. There are also non-medication based treatments that have also been effective in pain management. Mindfulness techniques and Yoga have been shown to be beneficial.

If someone has become opiate addicted then the pain can actually worsen because they can’t take a strong enough opiate based on the tolerance they have already build up in the brain.

I would try asking the doctor if there is any different medications that you can try that might be more effective at managing your pain. I would also try alternative therapies and see if they would be better at helping you manage your pain.

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