I want to admit my adult child into drug rehab

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I want to admit my adult child into drug rehab

by Lisa

(Warren Michigan)

My daughter went to rehab and left after two weeks she is addicted to heroin and Xanax. She will basically use anything she can get a hold of. She is losing her children.

She has been diagnosed with bipolar/manic depression and anxiety. She has state insurance. She says she wants help but does nothing to help herself. If she continues down this path she will not live very much longer. She is 24 years old.

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You’re right, your daughter MUST return to rehab.

by: Debbie Wicker

Dear Lisa,

As you’ve said, your daughter is in very SERIOUS trouble and must return to rehab. I have a few questions you may want to try to get answers to:

Have you discussed with her why she left?

Sometimes a particular rehab is not a good fit for the addict and they choose to leave. Your daughter has a dual-diagnosis mental illness and needs very specialized treatment. Relapse is very common and is a characteristic of the disease.

Try to figure out why she left and, if you can, find a rehab that is more acceptable to your daughter and where she will be willing to stay. Because she went in originally, hopefully, she will be willing to return if you help her find a place where she feels more comfortable is willing to stay.

Try to get her to begin going to 12-step meetings even if she is still using. At the meetings she should meet people who can help her to choose a rehab to go to that she will be able to stay at.

Don’t give up on her, all of us relapse multiple times before we finally quit. Heroin addicts are particularly prone to relapse.

Good luck,


Suboxone Dr.

by: Hreg

I’ve been to rehab many times, many more times than my mom ever cares to see. So I, myself, found a Dr. that deals with Suboxone.

Relief is instant and it contains a drug(Naloxone), that will block the effects of the opiate and will detour the addict from using because they won’t be able to feel the effects of it, the euphoric sensation that it brings.

When taking it daily you’ll realize this as an addict and slowly will start to realize this and what the life before drugs back, before the lies, the regrets, the arrests-cuz jail sucks, being home able to sleep and eat normally and comfortably is so much better than using, so listen and do all the Dr. says as far as meetings, therapy, etc, just try it.

Moved away but still hard

by: Hreg

I have no friends, I moved far away to start over, and it was a great idea, life is perfect here but where is it-but I’m away from the scene that’s easy to fall back into.


by: Hreg

Rehab can be effective and gives the addict a time clarity, but as an adult you can’t make her go and it can be really expensive in the long run depending on your financial situation-but that is your choice.

The times I went it was under insurance but they kept in contact with the rehab center to make sure I was complying and passing drug tests, if I wasn’t they could revoke my claim at anytime because why pay such a huge claim of I’m not taking it seriously-I heard the insurance company paid some $34,000.00 for each 30 days I was there.

So I’m just saying be open to other options if the same old one isn’t working, I did and it’s cheaper and easier, and you can’t abuse Suboxone, won’t do any good if you try. I’d would like to know how it’s going if you don’t mind and if you have any questions feel free to ask-I’ve been through a lot with my addiction as well as my family who supported me but stopped enabling me after they went to the meetings for family’s of addicts.

Laws in Michigan

by: Anonymous

I am not sure when this was posted but I am in Michigan and am wondering how you get someone to rehab that does not think they have a problem?

She is wasting away, and she’s lost 4 kids. She’s been on heroin before but I guess most recently it’s just been Klonopin and Vicodin and smoking pot. Now her doc put her on lithium… He’s a bad not even doctor but a physician’s assistant I think.

Any help would be appreciated…

Try to get help from her physician’s assistant.

by: Debbie Wicker

Dear Laws in Michigan,

Your friend is very likely an opiate addict, which if left untreated will probably kill her. Klonopin and Vicodin are opiates just like heroin. There is little or no difference between using heroin or using Klonopin and Vicodin.

I recommend that you call her physician’s assistant and let him know that she is using opiate’s and is opiate addicted and you’d like him to be aware of this and help her to get into treatment. Because of HIPA he can’t share information with you about her but you are well within your rights to share your concerns with him.

If he continues to prescribe pills to her you should consider calling the medical association in Michigan and reporting him for over prescribing opiates to her. They are starting to put doctor’s in jail for over prescribing opiates so contacting him may stop him from prescribing those pills to her.

Lithium is prescribed for someone with a bi-polar diagnosis, often opiate addiction can look like bi-polar disorder because of the impact it has on the brain. Is she bi-polar?

I would also recommend that you begin attending Al-anon meetings twice a week right away to learn about addiction and to decide how best to help her to get the treatment she do desperately needs to survive.

Good Luck,


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– Matthew 7:7-8

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