Professional Help Needed

Your site suggested I need professional help if the promises have been a reoccurring problem.

Herein lies another problem in that the addiction has tapped the financial fountain into a drought.

Can you provide a toll free counsel to assist me?

Ask Your Doctor

by: Ned Wicker

One of the very best places to start when you need professional help is to have a conversation with your personal doctor, or call a local drug treatment center.

I’d start local before trying to go outside my own community. Your county social service agencies might have some good resources for you to consider, including but not limited to free clinics or drug treatment programs.

Often faith-based treatment centers can be a great help. Not knowing your area, it’s hard to make any recommendation.

Narcotics Annonymous and Alcoholics Annonymous have chapters all over the country and they are also excellent resources.

Many advertisers who are featured on thiss web site also have consultation services.

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