Oxcontin Addiction

by Devon


My Name is Devon.

I have battled an Oxycontin addiction many times in my life.

I was a heavy partier in my early days and took excessive amounts of ecstasy and cocaine.

After years of this weekend abuse I knew that it had to stop.

I turned to percocet thinking that this was a step down from cocaine and ecstasy.

I was very misinformed and never did the research myself.

I started taking 1 or 2 percs a day(snorting).

After a while I started to be able to take 5 6 or even 10 percs.

This is when the addiction set in.

One day we were unable to locate percs and were offered oxycontin instead. The dealer told us that it was 4 percs in one small pill.

This was the beginning of my downward spiral.

I used heavy amounts of oxycontin after that time.

I battled with quitting over and over and kept falling to the helplessness.

After 3 years of abuse I turned to my mother for help. I left my hometown of 19 years and started over somewhere new.

I was clean for over 2 years when I had a relapse.

This relapse turned into another relapse which again grew into oxy addiction.

I have used off and on for the last 4 months and now have started the clean road again.

One thing I can say to other addicts is you can not run from your problems but you certainly can overcome them.

I have been 4 days clean now and have my mind back. I was fortunate and did not have many harsh withdrawal symptoms. At this point I only have difficulty sleeping and am feeling good again.

Willpower and support= clean lifestyle.

Stay strong everybody there will be good days and there will be bad days.

Thank You (:

by: Ashley

Thank you for your story. That gives me hope since I am also addicted to OXY & XTC.

It’s really hard to overcome but you’ve given me hope. Thank you so much! I know you can do it. By the grace of God I have 52 days sober. I hope it lasts since I have been in and out of rehab my whole life.. I’m only 17 and I really want this hell to end. I just want to make it, yea know?

I’m just worried that if things continue to get tough then I might end up relapsing again like all the other times since I don’t want to feel the pain & sorrow. But anywho good job & keep it up!

<3 Ashley

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