Oxycodone (prescription drugs)

by Jose
(West Valley City, UT)

Hi my name is Jose? I live in Salt Lake City Utah. My wife has an addiction to Oxycodone and any prescription drugs she will take them.

We meet 4 yrs ago and we are together since then. We have a 3 month child, at that time I didn't have idea what Oxycodone was. And later i find out that she snorting them she also smoked them and she also swallowed them. So i knew it was something more that medicine.

I talk to her and but nothing in this world will make her change her mind, when our baby was born on Dec. 8 - 2013 we were under federal investigation because the baby was withdrawing. It was very bad he had to stay 4 week at the hospital until he us not withdrawing anymore.

Now i feel my self like I'm in a very deep and dark hole because i feel shock with my wife, i love her but her addiction is more important for her than me and our baby and we fight to much because of that.

She loses total control when we discuss even simple things. She says she hates me, she says that she does not love me anymore and she hasn't loved me from long time. She say that she can't wait for me to leave to have sex with another man. Much much worse things that i won't say here.

I insist to her if she stops her addiction all these problems will be gone. She has got arrested because of her addiction and i wouldn't be surprised if she has sex with other men for pills.

If she does not change or do something about this situation I will have to leave. Drugs are a very serious problem and destroys families, lives and it can take the addict to jail and death.

I stay because I love my wife!

For the record i haven't left my wife because i love her and i know the day i leave nothing in the world will make me come back not even my son.

There are some sacrifices you can't make not even for your own kids. My wife has hit me 3 times last time was 1 week ago. One time it made bleed pretty bad from my mouth...

She must stop using

There are a couple things i know tomorrow she could be dead, in the jail or very hurt if she does not stop.

Anyway i hope the experience I'm living will be a mirror for those who think your first pill won't take you anywhere or first time smoking marijuana.

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Recovered Prescription Opiate Addict
by: Heather

I am so sorry for your situation however I know what your wife is going through & I am so sorry for her as well. She needs Neurotransmitter Restoration Therapy from Aminokit Labs in Denver.

I was so addicted for so many years - I lied, stole majorly - my life was consumed by the need for drugs, after this treatment I am free.

Your son matters most!
by: Anonymous

Nothing is more important than your child. Nothing. He didn't ask to be brought into this world...you can't just leave him with this unfit mother if times get to tough. You leave her and you get custody! Your son deserves a home where he is safe and loved and attended to.

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