Effectivness of rehab clinics?

How effective are rehab clinics, do they work, are they worth the time and money? How can I choose one?

Referral is Important

by: Ned Wicker

Rehab clinics are as varied as the disease they treat. There are in-patient and out-patient clinics, as every treatment plan should be tailor-made for the individual.

I am not in a position to recommend a local treatment center, but I would ask questions, talk to your doctor and try to gather as much information as possible.

You can give Al-Anon or AA a call and see if there is anyone in your area who can point you in the right direction. Not knowing the particulars, it’s difficult to make an assessment.

Sometimes counseling is a good alternative. You can do it by phone in some cases. Joe Herzanek, “Why Don’t They Just Quit?” can reached at 303-775-6493 and is a good source of information and counseling.

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