OXYCOTTON Addiction Facts

OXYCOTTON Addiction Facts

OXYCOTTON Addiction Facts

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OXYCOTTON Addiction Facts
FACT: Oxycotton is a slang term for OxyContin.

FACT: Oxycotton is the time-release form of Oxycodone. It was introduced a decade ago and has become one of the most widely abused prescription drugs on the market.

FACT: Oxycotton is an opiate pain medication, which is available only by prescription. Opiates are narcotics and are heavily regulated.

FACT: Oxycotton is very addictive and is used for recreational purposes and popular because of the intense high it produces. Many people don’t realize how truly dangerous the drug is until it’s WAY to late!

FACT: Oxycotton is manufactured from the naturally occurring codeine alkaloid from the Asian poppy seed plant and is a combination of the opiate drug plus acetaminophen.

FACT: Used properly, Oxycotton is an effective pain medicine for moderate to severe pain,used improperly it’s an addictive street drug not unlike heroin. These are the Oxycotton addiction facts everyone needs to understand.

FACT: People crush OxyContin into a powder like cocaine and snort it. The intense high is what abusers crave.

FACT: Because of the abuse, manufacturer has changed the compound slightly to stop this effect from taking place when the drug is crushed.

FACT: More powerful opiates medications, such as Hydromorphine and Oxymorphine, are derived from the other naturally occurring alkaloid, Morphine.

FACT: There are organizations that are lobbying for the ban of Oxycotton because it is so widely abused and has presented such a terrible social problem and skyrocketed heroin addiction almost over night. That’s why Oxycotton addiction facts should be understood by all of us.

FACT: Oxycotton should only be taken as prescribed by a doctor and patients needing this pain medication should follow the directions to the letter. People get into trouble innocently when they take too many pills, too often. If you or your loved one is doing this the only Oxycotton addiction facts you need to know is that Oxycotton is as addictive as heroin and once used to excess it’s very hard to stop.

FACT: Like other opiates, Oxycotton can cause high blood pressure, increased heart rate, cardiac arrest, respiratory failure and a variety of other major health problems. More Oxycotton addiction facts that early users don’t know.

FACT: The major problem that Oxycotton users and abusers fall into is physical and psychological dependence on the drug. They also build a tolerance to the drug, meaning it takes more and more to achieve the desired effect. Most modern day heroin addicts started with Oxycotton. These are the honest and true Oxycotton addiction facts.

FACT: Addiction to Oxycotton, like other opiates, can happen fast or slowly develop over a period of time. It starts by the person wanting more because they like the way they feel when they take it.

Over time, they believe they need the drug in order to feel good or feel normal. They need the drug to function and will do anything to get it. Addicts will steal from their children and family, rob stores, sell drugs themselves, or sell themselves on the street to get the drug.

FACT: Oxycotton addiction is a brain disease. There is no cure for it, but people can learn to manage the disease and escape from its clutches.

FACT: Getting Oxycotton on the street is very easy, but it is also expensive. Therefore, addicts may choose to switch to heroin, another opiate, which is about one-fourth the cost.

FACT: People die from Oxycotton overdoses. They crave the high and sometimes take too much drug. Or they do not use for a period of time, but go back to using the same amount. Deaths happen because the person does not realize how much they have taken, so it is common to grossly exceed a safe dosage. more Oxycotton addiction facts many don’t learn.

FACT: Withdrawal from Oxycotton can be very unpleasant but rarely fatal. Addicts will experience muscle and bone pain, insomnia, restlessness, nausea and vomiting, sweating, involuntary muscle twitches, dry mouth. They often try to avoid treatment because they are afraid of the withdrawal.

FACT: The withdrawal from Oxycotton will subside between 48-72 hours after the last use. However, it can last much a lot long than just a few days or a week. Opiate withdrawal can last a month or more.

FACT: Oxycotton addicts need treatment, as it is difficult to go “cold turkey” and try to stop using on your own.

FACT: There are medical detoxification programs that will greatly reduce the unpleasantness of Oxycotton withdrawal. These programs, under the direction of a doctor, have been developed to help addicts rid themselves of the need to use. Principal among these are Methadone and Suboxone, both synthetic opiates themselves, but both act to block the impact of the opiates.

FACT: It is not uncommon for Oxycotton addicts to relapse after treatment, so it is important for everyone concerned, the patient, family and friends, to understand this reality. Sometimes it take more than one attempt. Sometimes it takes several attempts.

FACT: There are both in-patient and out-patient programs available for Oxycotton addicts.

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