Perks stink!

I have been taking perk 30’s for over 2 years. I had a good job but just got fired for stealing from work. I took $3500 in tools and pawned them.

I was going to put them back on payday but did not make it that far. I may have charges and want to get it behind me and make a better life for my self.

What should I do if I go to jail to get the help I need and get help with getting off of it?

Ask For Help

by: Ned Wicker

Addiction knows no reason or limit, and so we do things under the influence of the addiction that we would otherwise never even consider.

I have long believed that addicts need treatment, not incarceration. If you have not already gone to court, ask for help. See if there is a treatment program you can get into and be proactive. You want to pay back your employer. The judge will probably look at the theft of the tools and consider the law. If you have a lawyer, he/she might have some ideas here.

Lots of addicted men and women have gone to jail, served their time, but when they get out, they’re still addicts or alcoholics (dry drunks). You need to get proactive and get treatment to ride yourself of this dreadful disease.

Sometimes jails have treatment programs and this can be a good thing, but the first move needs to be by you, taking a step on the path to recovery.

Perks stink

by: Lynette


Hi-Thanks for writing. I have a son who has been in jail several times on drug related charges. He is in jail now. Some states have state run drug treatment centers that are run by the prison system. It sounds like that would be a good solution for you.

Get to an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting (they talk about drug addiction, too) or a Narcotics Anonymous meeting as soon as possible. There you will meet others in the same or similar situation as you.

They may be able to give you some help as to what to do in your situation. I feel that as long as you want help and want to stop using drugs than everything will work out.

My son is finally sick of all this and says he wants help. He told me he turns every day over to God and I do the same thing. I also attend Al Anon meetings (for friends and families of alcoholics and drug addicts) and they help me a lot.

I’ll pray for you-Lynette

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