Please help my daughter in jail?

by David

My daughter Jennifer is in the Boulder county jail in Co. Arrested for Meth.

She has asked the guards to tell someone she would like to talk to someone about recovery.

She is not getting any response.

Can someone be sent to her from your volunteer staff?

Help Called

by: Ned Wicker

We have contacted Joe Herzanek, author of “Why Don’t They Just Quit?” and the founder of the Changing Lives Foundation, to help. He has a long time working relationship with the Boulder County Jail. Prayers for your daughter.

You might also want to contact Al-Anon in your area to get help and support and learn how best to be a help to your daughter.

Joe’s book is an excellent guide to those who need ideas and information. It is available at http://whydon’ or on Amazon.

Drug prevention!!!

by: Darryl

Please visit The website Questionnaire has a unique scoring system that can accurately detect drug / alcohol abuse with the help of behavioral changes and symptoms!!
The questionnaire is a one of a kind designed with the help of numerous behavioral psychologists & Drug abuse experts

Please help…

by: Lynette


Hi David-
I am so sorry to hear that you daughter is in jail-I personally know how very painful that is.

However, I am so glad to hear that she is asking for help. That is a big and important step!

I believe what Ned said is very good and helpful.

I attend Al Anon meetings. They are for friends and family of alcoholics and drug addicts. There you meet others in the same or similar circumstances as yourself. I find it immensely helpful (my son is a drug addict and is also in jail).

Good luck and I’ll pray for you and your daughter-Lynette

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