Please, please help us to help my sister!

by Shannon

Hello, we are a family in need of desperate help. My name is Shannon, and I have my older sister who is going to die if we don’t find her help. The family has tried and tried to get through to her but after countless efforts have gotten nowhere with her using.

I don’t know where to begin but she has several times been and this is ER and doctors tells us hours as in three or so if that hours till death. She has been hospitalized several times because of her use of extremely life threatening things so many I can’t name right now. She was told she has stills disease about fifteen years ago and has been mixing several different drugs and shooting them anywhere possible.

I myself being her closest sister in fact was closest person to her have doubts of the stills disease, knowing she is the type of person to do research and find ways to get more drugs for her horrible habit. My family doesn’t have a lot of money and are at loses what to do to help her, she won’t admit anything. We are watching her slowly kill herself. We feel all that is left is an intervention, and somewhere to take her if she’s willing after.

Please, please I beg someone help us before it is too late for her. Paige is 39 now and has been using for a good I would guess 15 yrs. She was an active loved, still loved person. We have lost her as of now. Once again I am begging someone to help me find the steps to take to find help. I did say she wouldn’t admit to her using but she has to a few people so maybe there is hope.

Please yours truly Shannon

Rally The Family

by: Ned Wicker

Dear Shannon,
You must feel so very isolated and alone, not knowing what to do, but there are some things to can do to help you prepare for the battle ahead.

All members of the family need to be on the same page, and that’s one of the things an interventionist will insist on. Our friend Joe Herzanek can probably help you here. His number is 303-775-6493 (Bolder, CO) and he is the author of “Why Don’t They Just Quit?”

You can also call Al-Anon and get help and support from their members, who all have been down the same path you are on. They understand. Your sister is not going to cooperate with you, so get your support together.

The whole family needs to be involved.

Drug Addiction Help

by: Nate Blair


I have had a similar situation with my sister Jennifer. She struggled for many years (13 years) and is in the same boat as your sister. In and out of rehab, hospitals, we never knew where she was staying from one night to the next. It was terrible. And above all – we knew she was tormented by her addiction. We lived in Florida and there’s a law called The Marchman Act that allows for involuntary drug treatment. It basically allows law enforcement to pickup that person and take them to a secure facility for a short period of time. The problem is the cost of filing (upwards of $300) and the depth of the bill only allows for a few days treatment.

My sister ultimately died of her addiction, she did not make it. Many people can’t make it on their own. In response, my mother and I have created a website called and the goal is to create sweeping legislation that can help family members (like you) help your sister get the treatment she needs. I encourage you to go on our website and see if you find anything that helps. It’s hard when you google things to get personal response, but I assure you that our website is designed to help people just like you. Feel free to go there and comment, my mother would love to help you out with resources depending on what state you live in.

Thanks Shannon, God Bless.

For my sister

by: Pamela

I too have an older sister who is addicted to drugs. She has lost everything including her child.

She is going to die if we don’t step in and find someone to help us help her. She is only about 100lbs now she is 37 and doesn’t think she needs any help the whole family is in agreement with this. We just don’t know where to turn, or who to contact.

I told her a few yrs ago i was gonna call the intervention on her and she said what for i don’t have a drug problem and got mad at me. I don’t care if she ever talks to me again as long as i can help her i will do anything.

She is stealing from everyone she knows, she lies to get drugs or money for drugs we don’t here from her for weeks at a time, she is staying from place to place with her drug dealers.

We are loosing precious time with her and are at a stand still, she has been in jail for selling and quit, for 3 months then started right back up, but now its worse than ever.

She is addicted to xanax,subutex,diet pills,cafferine pills,suboxin,bath salt,pain pills and many more I’m sure. The bath salt is taking her down fast she will go hrs away to get it and drive home all messed up on it.

She has the craziest look in her eyes anymore, when u can get her to look u in the eyes. She says she has lost everything and has nothing else to loose.

We need some serious help here.

I live in West Virginia, and hope someone will see this n help me and my family get my big sister back! We lost our father in August 2000, she went down hill from there. I’m glad he isn’t here to see her, but she is slowing taking a piece of everyone else down with her day by day.

Her nieces, nephews and her own child no what she is doing and she still continues to use. She snorts and i think shoots up these meds. She is killing herself and making everyone else think its our fault she is like this. I don’t no where else to turn.

I’m lost and feel like i’m standing over her trying to wake her up n realize what she is doing to herself and everyone else, but she won’t wake up, and i feel one day i will be standing over her trying to wake her and she will be gone. I’m trying everything in me to prevent that, to stop her before she is gone for good, but I feel like I’m fighting a loosing battle.

How do you help someone who doesn’t want to help themselves? Please help my family if you no of anyone who can plz email me n ill send u my number or my mothers number be are begging anyone out there to hear our crys for help before its too late!!!

Thank you!

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