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Pain Management Alternatives

by: Ned Wicker

A number of years ago I met a woman who was in similar situation. She was in a long-term treatment program for her addiction to prescription pain medication.

She had a knee injury which required surgery, but over time the persistent pain in her knee led to increased use of opiate drugs and her life quickly spiraled out of control.

Any pain management clinic worth its salt will do an extensive screening to determine the potential for abuse or addiction, and tailor make a treatment program to meet the needs of patients who cannot go the traditional medication route.

There are alternatives, which are ?natural? ways to relieve pain.

Acupuncture comes to mind right away, but consider that music, laughter, aroma therapy, and exercise are also viable. Relaxation is also a good tool, as tension and upset causes our bodies to react negatively. . Breathing is another technique that comes to mind; anything that will help a person calm themselves. Tension causes a rise in heart rate, which causes a rise in blood pressure. Breathing becomes shallow and rapid. The stress causes more pain.. Relaxation techniques can help loosen muscles, breaking the stress cycle.

Everybody is different, so it may take some work to find techniques and therapies that suit the individual. Some therapies, in combination are helpful. If nothing else, take a warm bubble bath, with a scented candle and some soothing music.

You might want to check out the National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine (1-301-5193153,: 1-888-6446226) There is an abundance of information available on alternatives to drug therapy.

It is important to understand that as an opiate addict, that route is no longer a possibility, so be open and honest with healthcare providers.

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