Questions concerning drug and alcohol abuse

by Shannon


I’m just wondering if I could have some information on helping out with an intervention on my 27 year old sister who is currently taking drugs?

I have already contacted you once and received an email attached to a link but never heard anything after that.

by K


My brother has been on bhaang(cannabis) for over 8 years. He admits to have taken 20 doses in a day which is quite much.

He looks for support, says he is willing to quit but never does much. His self esteem has been low always and at times he fools us (me and my father) into believing that he will change. He is also an attention seeker and once every fifteen days he would break stuff, threaten to kill himself, tell us he is depressed, cry endlessly and apologize the next day.

He loves me a lot but is still not able to use this as a motivation to change himself. We do not have very good rehabs in India. My father is old and is weak-hearted and refuses to send him as of now.

Is there anything we can do to help him, considering he doesn’t want to quit. Any medicines we can give him without his knowledge..can you suggest any good rehab in India?

by S. R.

My father 60 yrs old has a drinking problem. I’m not sure what type of help to get for him – he can’t check in somewhere because he needs his job and it would probably be more devastating for him to lose his job than continue drinking.

I would say he’s a functioning alcoholic. He has a good job, 3 kids, a wife etc.. He only drinks after work and on the weekends. Sometimes it isn’t even too bad but it’s bad enough that it’s affecting his marriage to my mom and probably his health.

I just wrote a long story about what happened today but then erased it because i bet you get a lot of long stories and can’t read thru all of them. i’m not sure where we could turn for help since he cannot go into a full time rehab
institute or anything like that, at least not at this point.

Is there anywhere that we can turn to for help? Maybe literature or something – anything?

I’m sure he wouldn’t even admit it was a problem but i’m starting to get worried about him and don’t want to lose my dad to something like this.

by Felicia

My husband has holes in his socks, shirts on his gloves. A tattoo on him is fading and he is very mean.

He leaves the house, comes home nice and limping on one side and his breath smells different. I asked him if he was injecting meth but told i was stupid he swears he would never do that but i dont believe him.

I’ve seen two blood spots on his boxers one on each side of his thighs. I’ve asked him how come your socks, tank tops and gloves all have similar holes in them, he says cuz his clothes are old.

He has had a ulcer and loss of blood needed a blood transfusion twice, the doctors first question to him was if he uses needles, but he said no.

by Karen

(Mt. ephraim, New jersey)

My husband unfortunatley had back surgery going on five years ago in Sept. However, he still takes Morphine, a HIGH dose at that.

Although he does NOT abuse them, this I KNOW, I deep down, know he is addicted, and will need help to get off.

He is not the same person and I am scared, it is ruining us. US is important to me we have been married for 22 years.

There is NO talking to him ABOUT ANYTHING ANYMORE, HE LAYS IN BED ALMOST ALL DAY, HE IS VERBAL AND MENTALLY ABUSIVE, this I know due to friends, strangers, and PROFESSIONALS trying to help, or telling me, YES YOU ARE BEING ABUSED.

NO MATTER WHAT I TRY TO TALK ABOUT, the subjuct ALWAYS turns to be about me…… SO OLD AND TIRED OF THAT STUFF, TOLD HIM sooo many times, if you have a problem w me, then sit me down, DON’T BRING IT UP WHEN WE ARE ADDRESSING YOU.


MY house just sold, suppose to be moving to another state, just this am, he said, I don’t think I want to go to (where we are moving) I AM DONE. TIME TO DO ME…..

by Tami


I have posted before on this site in May 2011. That’s the day I found out my 21 yr old son was using HEROIN.

Since then, he has had his 1 yr old daughter taken from him (my daughter has her in a 60 “SAFE STAY”) his g/f finally admitted to her parents that she is using as well & her parents “PUT” her in detox & rehab.

My son has turned himself in to the police for a previous warrent (did 10 days). He says he was “clean” for 10 days while in jail.

He wasn’t even out for 5 hrs & started using again. I told him I loved him & to call me when he was clean/sober.

This is tearing my heart out as well as the rest of the family. He has had 2 open heart surgeries 4 yrs ago, he is slowly killing himself.

Now, the hard part… he is very depressed, his g/f still in rehab, no job & loosing his apartment next week. He is telling me he is gonna be homeless & sleep on a park bench. I am TRYING NOT TO GIVE IN & pay his rent for him or send him $$ for food.

I know in my head that I would be enabling him….but, my heart is being pulled in the other direction… the MOMMY direction …to take care of my son.

Is there anyone out there that has gone thru this very trying & hard time with their loved one? When is enough enough? When do you cut all ties with your youngest son (loved one) & move on?

He is telling me he has “nothing to live for, no g/f, no daughter no nothing” Do I call someone to go get him because he is threatening to OD? (he lives in another state)

Please, anyone that reads this, if you have ANY SUGGESTIONS AT ALL… please respond.

This is just as hard on his family!

Thanks for reading.

by jane

(ny.ny us)

What is the correct time frame for the drug to leave your system?

by glee

(San Diego)

I am looking for a website that may be able to give some interview question to ask an ex-heroin addict. I go to school for criminal justice and have to turn in a interview with a drug addict, and I am having problems finding the right question to ask for my interview and was woundering if there is a website or something that can help me.

by Greg

I need to find a Doctor that is able to write me a script for Suboxone or Subutex I have already been through treatment six or seven years ago.

My Doctor who has been maintaining me unfortunately had a massive stroke. I am about to run out of the last script that he gave me. I need to find a Doctor who continue with the Suboxone or Subutex.

I no longer take any narcotic meds only Suboxone or subutex. I have extreme pain with my arthritis and 3 ruptured disc in my back. My right hip is bad also my right knee is bone to bone.

by Nancy

How long dose the methadone stay in your system?

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