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The Fight Begins

by: Ned Wicker

Dear Sasha,

First you need to take care of yourself and your children. Organizations like Al-Anon are wonderful support resources for you, as you must learn how to help your fiance.

He did not intend to become an addict, but things got out of control. He will continue to deny his disease of addiction. Without treatment, he will likely fall deeper and deeper into the hole and you will have no relationship anymore.

Therefore, make some calls and get some professional/expert advice on just how to procede. Do not allow his disease to harm your children. Undersxtand that you will probably have to leave with the kids unless he is willing to get help.

You need to be smart and be strong. It’s either you and the kids, or it’s death by the installment plan.

Dear Scary,

by: Been There, Done That

The only one that can help the addict is God and the addict themselves. No amount of talking and hoping will do it.

You’ve already admitted he’s in great denial. What he’s doing feels good to him right now and that’s all that matters to him.

Help him by helping yourself. Your children shouln’t be around that life at all. Father of the children or not. You don’t want their testimony to be I watched my Dad shoot up and nod out and my mother still stayed and watched and did nothing.

There are places for you and your children to go for assistance to get on your feet. There’s a place for him to go get cleaned up and stay clean. How bad do you want a good clean drug free life for you and your kids?

If your man has a desire to quit and be drug free for real and forever he’ll make the effort and God will make the way. He has done it many times before and he’ll do it just for you and yours.

Don’t stop moving forward til you see your positive dreams come to fruition no matter who and where you are, Sweetheart God is there for you and you can and will make it through this no matter how scared you are.

Do something and seek help before all that matters to you is gone and all you have left are bitter memories and regret. Prayerfully Yours,
Been There, Done That! That!

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