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(Kenya Africa)

Hi, MY Names are EDWARD from KENYA in AFRICA & am a recovering drug addict in this is my 3rd year in recovery.

I am asking if you guys have a school where you train counseling in chemical dependency because I would really like to join you so that I can gain
more knowledge in addiction & be able to help my fellow youth in Kenya

we have a very big problem with addiction, drugs have taken over & many people are loosing there life’s daily and its really sad for me loosing my fellow country men like this.

Please I am asking for your assistance so that we can all be able to fight this disease.

I kindly ask for any help that you can am readily available in case you need any information please feel free to communicate though my email I am looking forward for your feed back, yours faithfully

Two Ideas

by: Ned Wicker

Dear Edward,

Many people who are drug counselors attend universities and study psychology, counseling or social work. However, I would encourage you to go online, to Alcoholics Anonymous, and read the “Big Book.”

It is an excellent resource about people who have fought and overcome addiction. It can be found at and the entire book can be downloaded.

Your life experience is very important. You have gone through the tunnel of addiction and have come out. You can be a very positive influence on others.

There are materials available for Christian recovery and those can be found at which is a successful program run by a large church in California.

I wish you the best.

School for Kenya in Africa

by: Lynette


Hi Edward and greetings to you in Africa!

I agree with Ned’s comments.

Also, I went on line and put in:
online college for drug and alcohol counselors

Some information came up on the computer about courses that can be taken VIA THE INTERNET to become a Drug and Alcohol Counselor.

I hope this helps you.-Lynette


by: Anonymous



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