Selling drugs on the street?

by S

I have a question, What does it mean when the addict/alcoholic starts to sell prescription pain meds to people on the street( like a friend of a friend) These meds were supposed to be going to a recycling center and apparently never made it.

How concerned should I be?

They don’t know that I know what is going on.

Bad Business

by: Ned Wicker

The resale of prescription medication is a huge problem. It’s illegal, but even more importantly, it’s dangerous.

People will sell off their medication for money. If a prescription calls for 30 pills, they may only use 20 and they’ll sell off the rest. It’s not just deals done in the shaddows on an inner city street corner, it’s selling meds on college campuses, or in the workplace.

People will go to parties and throw some pills into a jar. People just take them, not even knowing what they are or the potential for disaster.

You should be VERY concerned.

Selling drugs on the street?

by: Lynette


Dear S,

Selling drugs on the street puts the person in danger of being arrested and going to jail. It is a VERY serious charge. If they are in a car when selling, the car can be impounded and NOT EVER returned to the owner.

I never heard of your situation with the recycling center but I know that many drug addicts steal prescription drugs from others and then sell them to get money so that they can then get high.

Whoever is doing this should be warned that they could end up in jail and could end up being a felon. It can REALLY mess peoples lives up.

Also, I’d like to suggest that if those people are using that they should get help from either a doctor, a counselor or Alcoholics Anonymous.

Good luck and I’ll say a prayer for you-Lynette

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