Sister needs help?

by Tom

My sister is highly addicted to pills and I believe she is using bath salts and maybe heroin. This has been an ongoing problem with her and she has been arrested several times for possession and theft.

My family is from the Scranton PA area and I'm wondering what centers or treatment facilities are in the area. My family has not spoken to her in several months but the word got back to me stating she is in bad medical shape.

If there is any advise that would help, my family and I are willing to do anything to get her some type of help. She has a 12 year old son who now lives with my mother because she pretty much disowned him and has not seen him in months.

Again she is extremely addicted and I'm at the point that something needs to be done before she winds up dead or hurting someone else.

Thank you


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Force the Issue
by: Ned Wicker

Dear Tom,
Your sister's disease is well advanced from what you describe, and it sounds like unless somebody forces the issue, she'll just continue to diminish.

She will refuse any help, of course, because the disease has already caused her to reject her own child, her family and any plans for a healthy and productive life.

Any effort to get her into treatment will have to come from the family, perhaps with some help from law enforcement. She will not go for help quietly, so sometimes the only alternative to save her life is to confine her.

That sounds harsh, but obviously she needs someone to step in and take over. There are treatment centers everywhere, so it's a matter of getting together with your family and working with a center to formulate a plan for how you will get your sister in for help.

An intervention might be your best option here. Also, your family will benefit from the help and support of Al-Anon. That group will also have ideas for you. The family has to be unified to make that one, last attempt to help her. Stay close, be strong. You can do it.

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