Telling the story of being alive

by Jay Todd

(North Hollywood)

I am a music video director that used to have a drug problem, or more like a depression that lead me to drugs.

I’ve been sober for over 10 years and going strong. I think that once you find who you are it’s a lot easier to know which way you want to take your life.

I just directed a music video that deals with drugs and depression. It’s called Alive. It made me go to my core for the visuals and it turned out amazing. Take a look and hopefully you will understand you should never give up.

Great job!

by: Ned Wicker

Dear Jay,

Powerful and moving. The video makes a connection to the deepest inner parts of the human spirit, the soul. There is hope, there is an alternative and people can recover. Addiction kills the soul, but we can fight back and not succumb , you can say “no” and take back your life.

Great video. Well shot, well edited and very moving. Bravo!

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