Still doing good!

by Tami

(Dundalk, MD )

Hello everyone,

I found this site in June of 2011 when I was researching Heroin. We found that our son was shooting, snorting & “speed balling”. We had no idea what to do.

This website helped us thru the 1st transition of his addiction. A few weeks ago I posted another post “There is hope”.

Well, today I am VERY PROUD TO SAY THAT our son is still doing great. He is still going to NA meetings (which is a great support), has enrolled in IOP…(Intensive Outpatient Program) & had his follow up court date for his daughter. (who my daughter has foster care custody of)… the judge was impressed with his progress.

He has started a work out regimen… I just wanted to share, once again ….that there IS HOPE.

Families, I know it is hard to not just turn your back on them and look the other way… DON’T DO IT… let them know you are there to support them, emotionally, not financially. That you love them & will always love them. I can’t say it enough… (who knows, maybe we were one of the lucky ones) but, as long as I get continue to get the word out to other parents & loved ones… I AM GOING TO CONTINUE TO DO SO.!!

Oh yea, I forgot to say, March 28th, our son gets his 90 day key chain from NA…. he has passed home drug testing as well as in IOP.

Keep up the faith, don’t give in & be strong for them… they need you now more than ever!!


by: Ned Wicker

Dear Tami,

Congratulations to your entire family. It is wonderful to hear that your son is turning his life around, and we celebrate his 90 days with you. Keep the faith…you are living proof that there is hope.

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