Son suffering from PAWS (Post acute withdrawal syndrome)?

by Cheryl

Have a 24 year old son who has completed two addiction treatments, just one recently for two years on subtex.

He is suffering from PAWS and we have not been able to find a doctor that
believes that he could have permanent brain damage.

He used and abused heavily since 16. He tried to quit low subtex dose and was suicidal and required round the clock attention. He is currently back on subtex (low dose) without doctor prescription. But since he is an addict no one will touch him. He is looking for life long help and continues to suffer from all symptoms of PAWS.

Please help, he won’t make it till 25 as he says he is ready to EXIT this hell and will terminate his life rather than live like this for another 10 years.


We live in the midwest and have tried to talk to many psych doctors and even the one in charge of the rehab. won’t listen and just thinks if he TRIED harder.

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