Started With Weed

by Clyde

It all started my sophomore year of high school when my parents caught me smoking weed. My parents went off the deep end with doctors and weekly drug classes.

I missed catching a good buzz so I did so I did some research and figured out LSD didn’t show up on drug test which I had to take one weekly for 6 months.

The next day I talked to my buddy and got the hits I got three hits and and tripped all day long. The next thing I knew every time I had 50 bucks it was spent on 5 hits and I would stay out of my mind for days at a time.

It soon got to the point were I was so depressed and detached from reality I wanted to kill myself.

After 2 years of me taking hits I eventually found a reason to stop. I got a girlfriend and didn’t feel the need to take my problems out on myself and slowly I felt that tucked haze fade away and things have never look so beautiful.

On occasion I get flash backs but for now since I stopped life seems way brighter and happier not so dark and grim and frighting.

that is a lie

by: its all the person

I,ve been smoken weed scince i was 11 and i never touched any other drug!!!!!!!! im 16 now so wat?


by: Ashley

My parents were the same way. I’ve been in and out of rehab since I was 14, I’m 17 now and I’m still in rehab. But everytime I get out of rehabs I end up doing harder drugs. So I can relate with the whole starting out with weed and then my parents found out soon that i was doing XTC & OXY’s.

Are you sober?

I would suggest if you want help go to AA or NA. AA really helps me even though I only have 52 days sober, it can be hell at times, but my sponsor is always there for me to make me realize that I’m just being rediculous when I wanna use.

I tend to get stressed a lot and drugs helped me escape that stress & depression but my sponsor really helps me get through the tuff stuff. So maybe you might wanna try getting a sponsor & work the steps?!

If you want you can read my story: “My Dark Abyss Part 1 & 2!” It might give you some hope!


Started with weed

by: Lynette


Hi Clyde,

I am so glad to hear that you are off of drugs. You are very fortunate that you could do it on your own. In the future, if you should get cravings, Alcoholics Anonymous meetings should be very helpful to you.

You will meet others in the same or similar situation as yourself and hear the destruction and pain that drug use can cause to the addict and their friends and families.

I’m glad you had good incentive to quit drugs, your girlfriend. Sometimes that is all it takes – I know that’s how it was for me when my son was born I had good incentive to quit drinking. It took me a couple of tries but I have not drank for 25 years now.

Thanks for sharing your story.

Good luck and I’ll say a prayer for you.

Life Is Good

by: Ned Wicker


It doesn’t take drugs to make life beautiful. It’s interesting that you jumped from pot to LSD to avoid drug testing. That serves as a warning to parents that kids will find an alternative if you clamp down too hard.

You’re lucky, you stopped on your own. LSD is nasty business. It sounds like your girlfriend has been a very positive influence on your life. Treat her right.

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