Stimulants as Study Aids

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Stimulants as Study Aids

by Gary

Hi there,

Gary here, big fan of your articles. 🙂

I just wanted to share with you this infographic I’ve found on Facebook yesterday, I recall seeing something similar on your site a while ago:

Getting High for an A: Stimulants as Studying Aids
Image compliments of Best Masters in Education

I’m trying to raise awareness as much as possible on this matter, as I’ve experienced an addiction in the past and it was not that easy overcoming it.

What do you think about these supplements?

Thank you,

Comments for Stimulants as Study Aids

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Adderal is a dangerous game

by: Debbie Wicker

Hi Gary,

Thanks for sending this info graphic to us. Some how our culture is starting to view prescription drugs as the cure for everything. If you’re sad take a pill, if you can’t sleep take a pill, if you want better grades take a pill. But what so many don’t realize is how destructive many pills are especially if you take them over the medium to long term.

Many clients I see have been on lots of pills for lots of years and they always seem to have more than their share of medical problems. Most have been addicted to alcohol or drugs and look at least 20 years older than they actually are.

I would make the statement that we should all be AVOIDING pills and only take them when we must. Psychotropic drugs are so new and each of us so unique that the effects of these medications are truly not known. I suspect if you follow those students who use Adderal to improve their grades they will have significant worse medical out comes and significantly lower life spans. That is a pretty serious consequence just to get an A.

Keep up the great work of getting this issue communicated:)


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