by Maureen

(South Africa)

My son is 34yrs and went through a divorce two years ago and started drinking a lot. He met a lady friend who suffers from bi-polar.

What is happening is that she is giving him some of her antidepressant tablets and her doctor is also prescribing the same tablets for my son.

What bothers me is he has never suffered from bi-polar. Won’t he get addicted to these tablets especially taking them with alcohol?

Bad Idea

by: Ned Wicker

Dear Maureen,

Your son is making very bad decisions. Alcohol and anti-depressants to not mix and I am sure if your son’s doctor knew about his mixing the two, he would make an adjustment. Perhaps you want to tell him and help your son.

It sounds like he needs help with the drinking first, as that feeds into the other condition. His doctor may want to take another approach. People get into trouble when they try to solve their own medical problems, rather than following the advuice of a physician. Your son’s actions are not helping him and could potentially kill him.

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