Want to try drugs.

by Taylor


Mom & brother have both used for years and gone through bad stuff. They both got addiction problems from using. I have been with them through all of it and still not tried.

I’ve always wanted to & I’m really exposed to it. I just want to try something natural like weed & experience getting high. I’m just scared I will get addicted even though I’ve been strong enough to stay away this long.

They’ve gone through it all already, but it’s my turn & I don’t want to feel bad for trying weed. Do you think I would become addicted?

I do have an addictive personality & a little bit of repetitive OCD type thinking..please tell me what you think.

The Same Mistake Once

by: Ned Wicker

Dear Taylor,

Thank you for being honest and brave enough to ask the question. You have certainly seen what can happen when a person gets into drugs, and you no doubt understand the pain and suffering that can arise.

Understand too that there is a genetic component to addiction, so you may be predisposed to dependence. The best choice is to not make the same choice your family members made. Getting high is no accomplishment and does nothing to advancing your opportunities in life.

Having tried drugs does not make you any smarter, enlightened or happier. Instead focus on the things that bring true happiness and fulfillment. The best answer is don’t try it. It’s not worth it.


by: Tami

Dear Taylor,
You have been strong thru all of this. Helping your family memebers get thru tough & rough times.

Please, for your health & safety…. DO NOT TRY DRUGS. I am a mother of 3 young adult children. I found this website while googling “HEROIN” to try to get any information on helping my youngest son get help. (he just admitted to me this past Saturday he was/is using).

Please remain strong & do not try any type of drugs (even weed). Any type of drug has the potential to be addictive. I am a nurse, I deal with patients that have “tried” it just once & I promise you… YOU ARE NOT MISSING ANYTHING… be “HIGH” on life…. sounds like you have a good, strong & smart head on your shoulders…. USE IT WISELY….

Be strong & safe… feel free to respond!!!

Good luck

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