We are wondering what to do next, to help our son with his addition?

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We are wondering what to do next, to help our son with his addition?

by sharon


Our son (24) has told us he uses meth. He was also using weed.

He was in treatment when he was younger (then it was only weed and not meth). So he had a chemical assessment when he was 14. We want him to get another assessment, but he refuses and said he already did one. But to get into treatment he needs a more current assessment.

He told us he can quite using on his own. My husband (our sons dad) said that he couldn’t go back to work with him until he got his addition under control. So we figured if he didn’t make any money then he wouldn’t be able to get the stuff. Our son still lives at our house. But if he is not working he gets depressed and lays around like a lump.

So what do we do now? Do we ask him to move out (which would also be scary, he doesn’t have very good life skills).

Any advice would be appreciated.


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Loss of motivation is likely his issue because of his pot addiction.

by: Debbie Wicker

Hi Sharon,

I can’t tell you what to do with your son but I can give you a little information about his situation that may help you .

They just released some new research about marijuana that says it changes the user’s brain and lowers I Q, lowers their ability to feel emotions and significantly lowers their motivation to do anything.

Your son is likely experiencing these effects from marijuana even though he isn’t likely to realize it.

Sadly, the effects on his may be irreversible and he may have already developed a permanent impairment. His absolute best opportunity for avoiding permanent brain damage to to stop smoking pot now. But these impairments my limit his ability to live on his own and to make his own life for himself. I have some clients who fall into this category from extending marijuana abuse.

On the other hand, if he refuses to stop smoking then he probably shouldn’t be allowed to live in your house. But that’s a decision you and your family will have to make. No easy choices for you:(

I recommend you start attending Al-anon meetings three times a week with as many people in your family who are willing to go. Find meetings where you can work the 12-steps and find a sponsor who has been where you’re at. Also, once you start going to the meetings get your son to go with you and try to get him into AA.

Research shows that if you are BOTH attending multiple meetings a week, him AA and you Al-anon and working the 12-steps, then he will truly stop using and recover from his addiction.

Good luck and know that MANY parents are exactly in the same situation you are,


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