What do I do for pain in the future?

by Susan

I was on pain medications from 2001 to 2008. I have RA and have had multiple surgeries. In 2008 I got caught by the police for passing a bad script after I got off I did it again but was lucky to get off again cause the witness didn’t show @ that point I was done. I’ve been clean ever since then.

But I have had 2 surgeries one in Sept of 2011 and Dec 28th of 2011. Also, I fell and broke my patella had surgery and was on pain medicine. My husband told me I shouldn’t take pain medicine when I came home. I was in so much pain I got them filled and hid them, he didn’t. Realize I was in pain. After getting clean I asked him what do I do if something happens and need surgery? What do I do he said we will just monitor you but when the time came it was something different.

Out in the Open

by: Ned Wicker

Dear Susan,
It sounds like you have been through a lot of difficult medical episodes in your life, and I certainly hope you can avoid surgery. According to respected addiction researcher Dr. Carlton Erickson of the University of Texas, meditation can have the same effect on the brain as an opiate analgesic.

I heard him lecture last year and I has captivated by his research findings. Imagine that, you don’t necessarily have to take a pill to feel better.

I shared my information with my friend Jack, who is a cancer patient. He has a script for Oxycontin, but he seldom uses it, because he manages chronic pain with meditation. He will, however, take a pill when he absolutely needs one, so it’s not like he’s gritting his teeth, trying to avoid it. But he honestly does very well without the medication.

Pain management is a difficult business, mainly because we are all so different. I certainly don’t know how you are feeling, so I am in no position to say do this or do that. But I would encourage you, if the need arises, to sit down and have an open and frank discussion with your doctor about pain management.

Explain your concerns and lay all of your cards out on the table. There are alternatives and people do manage without the pain killers, but you need to do something that makes sense for you. Your husband should be in on the conversation, so he understands your needs.

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