Would Al-Anon help me?

by Gary

Spouse regularly attends AA meetings, and has not touched alcohol for 16 years. About 7 years ago, she began smoking marijuana daily, then stopped after about 2 years, Then but began taking Adderoll. She does not have ADD or ADHD. About three years ago, she got the doctor who prescribes her antidepressant to prescribe the Adderoll.

I confronted her earlier this year about the addiction and she promised to quit. I just discovered she now takes a newer form of ADD meds, “Vivysin” or something like that. She refuses to acknowledge her addiction.

Can Al-Anon help me?

Al-Anon a Good Start

by: Ned Wicker

Dear Gary,

I think Al-Anon is a good first step for you. Even though you have confronted your wife about her drug use, you have discovered that the confrontation probably did not render positive results.

Al-Anon understands this and can be a tremendous help in guiding you through the process. You need to have a plan, and you need to stick to that plan once it is put into motion. You need help too, so let them guide you and provide the emotional support that you’ll need moving forward.

I think you are already seeing this situation clearly, so you should do well with a little help from your friends.

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