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Drug rehab South Africa

by Victor Mc Cormack
(Cape Town, South Africa)

2 Oceans Recovery House is a drug rehab centre situated in Cape Town, South Africa where we focus on the causes of a person’s addiction and show them how to tackle these causes which result in better outcomes on our drug treatment program.

Our experienced and skilled counsellors are committed to helping people to kick the harmful habit and get their lives back on track. We firmly believe that addiction to any substance is in essence a spiritual disease because it leads to people withdrawing themselves from their loved ones and life as a whole.

Gradually, they lose the connection to themselves and their ability to fight the addiction. For the family and friends of a drug addict witnessing how the person they love and care for very much gradually loses his/her mind in a downward spiral of substance abuse, is a very frightening experience.

Because it is a spiritual disease we believe that it needs a spiritual cure. Our drug treatment programme is based on the 12 steps of Alcoholics Anonymous and aimed at changing the mind-set of the addict. The mind is extremely powerful and when there is a change in the psyche of a person addicted to drugs we can work towards helping him/her to change the way in which they think and the way in which they react to those thoughts. As we all are aware – positive thoughts leads to positive actions.

Drug addiction or any substance dependency for that matter does not overlook social or economic status, religion, or a person’s upbringing, it affects all types of people. It destroys not only the addict, but also his relationships with friends and family.

At 2 Oceans Recovery House it is our mission to assist them in such a way that they beat their substance dependency and can once again take their rightful place in society, equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge to prevent them from going down that destructive path again.

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- Matthew 7:7-8

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