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Younger brother is an IV drug addict?

by Kristian

My younger brother is addicted to oxy cotton and he's a iv user. He's been on drugs for about 12 years he also has seizures either during drug use and while drawing. He has no job and no insurance... He's 33 years old and his drug use is getting worse by the day and I'm terrified that we're going to find him dead ...

What can I do to get him into rehab against his will?

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You likely can't get him to do anything against his will.
by: Debbie Wicker

Dear Kristian,

Your brother has a disease in his brain that is telling him he MUST use. Until he hits bottom he isn't going to want to quit because his brain convinces him that all he needs is oxy cotton and he will be fine.

The best thing you can do for him is to not enable him is anyway. ANY support of him is supporting his drug use and facilitating him killing himself. Jail or homeless shelters may be great places for him to realize that he needs treatment.

I recommend that you begin going to Al-anon meetings in your area ASAP, today if possible. Al-anon will teach you about your brother's addiction and will help you to make the difficult decisions necessary to avoid enabling his addiction.

You may also want to consider and intervention once you're attending Al-anon so you can tell your brother that you love him but HATE his addiction. Get as many people as possible to help with the intervention so he will hear the true cost of his addiction.

Good Luck,


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